10 gifs to help us bounce back from failure build resilience

by Heather Dandridge  11-Dec-2015 at 14:31

10 gifs to help us bounce back from failure and build resilience

Recently author Anna Faherty wrote a blog on managing change by talking about failure. This gave us some great tips on acknowledgement, reflection and discussion but where do we move on from here? Sometimes, to be successful we will experience failure again and again. How do we make sure that in challenging times we stay motivated? We build resilience.

1. Learn to recover from our failures

2. Don't be scared to fail more than once

3. Don't be afraid to change direction when things start going wrong

4. And especially don't be afraid to move to a different approach when your current method isn't working

5. Don't let other people's negativity bring you down

6. Don't compare yourself to other people's success

7. Don't take on too much at once, know your limits

8. Prepare for unexpected situations and difficult times

9. Try to keep motivated and on-track even in unstable times

10. Don't let the chance of failure hold you back from trying

Leanne Hoffman is a coach, trainer and consultant specialising in leadership, employee and organizational development. Over the years she has learnt much about how to motivate, engage and develop people so they can perform to the best of their abilities and contribute significantly to the organisations they work for. Leanne has recently launched a new course with us, Building Resilience for Professional Success.


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