Big capital investment decisions carry risk

by Heather Dandridge  18-Feb-2016 at 15:08

Big capital investment decisions carry risk by Lincoln Miles

A quick scan of the Financial Times reveals some interesting facts. The latest word on the economy is that US growth slows to 0.7%, Japan adopts negative interest rate, France grew by 1.1% and Spain by 3.2% in 2015. With fluctuating economies is it difficult for an organisation to choose its strategy, set its budget and adopt an appropriate organisation structure.


Big capital investment decisions therefore carry risk. Recently announced is the contract between Airbus and Iran Air for the purchase of 118 jets. With commercial airliners lasting for around 20 years no doubt many calculations were made before preceding with the deal, these may well include NPV, IRR and MIRR.

There are success stories. Ford has just announced record earnings figures marking a key comeback for the US carmaker after it narrowly avoided bankruptcy during the financial crises. We see how critical the prevention of corporate failure is.

There are reports of big data opening doors to financial innovation and predicting future movements in markets.

So these subjects are real, practical and pertinent. My two BPM courses examine the economy, technology, people and quality and how they link to performance management. They examine techniques for strategy, decision making, divisional performance and prevention of corporate failure. They do so however not from a theoretical approach but from practical approach - how can I as an individual apply these techniques in the work place.

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