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  • 120 days access
  • 4 CPD hours
  • £75.00 (+VAT)
  • > Integrated Reporting by Lisa Weaver

    This course gives you a clear overview of the Integrated Reporting Framework, and practical advice on its application. It will enhance your understanding of this topical issue in corporate reporting, and enable you to develop an action plan for implementing the framework.

  • > IFRS: The Structure of Financial Statements by Wayne Bartlett

    This course explains the design of financial statements within International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and considers their key components, as well as what each statement is trying to achieve.

  • > IFRS: Property, Plant and Equipment by Wayne Bartlett

    Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) plays a crucial role in the financial statements of many entities. This course explains all the key accounting requirements and disclosures and discusses them in detail and is designed to enable you to make sound judgements as well as to understand the standards.

  • > IFRS: Other Non-Financial Assets by Wayne Bartlett

    There are a number of IFRSs relating to non-financial assets; this course incorporates these non-financial assets which will have great significance to many entities. It brings together the accounting, reporting and disclosure requirements for these important non-financial assets under the IFRS regime.

  • > IFRS: Income, Revenue and Revenue Recognition by Wayne Bartlett

    As well as helping you to make sound judgements in general on revenue and revenue recognition, this course will also enable you to apply the detailed rules in particular situations, such as accounting for construction contracts and government grants.

  • > IFRS: Financial Instruments by Wayne Bartlett

    This course helps you through the complexity by looking at all the IFRSs at play. It includes IFRS 7 which has just become fully operational and IFRS 9 which l will become fully mandatory in 2018.

  • > IFRS: Expenditure, Provisions and Taxation by Wayne Bartlett

    This course looks at some of the important IFRSs that impact on the "bottom line" through expenditure. The modules look at Accounting for provisions and contingencies, IAS 26, accounting by retirement benefit plans and taxation.

  • > IFRS: Accounting for Business Combinations by Wayne Bartlett

    This course looks at the various implications of accounting for such issues which are covered by a number of IFRS Standards such as business combinations, separate financial statements and disclosures of interests in other entities.

  • > IFRS: Key Accounting Policies and Other Reporting Considerations by Wayne Bartlett

    This course looks in detail at the main source of guidance on accounting policies - IAS 8. In addition, the course takes you through other key issues in reporting.

  • > IFRS: Specific Sectors by Wayne Bartlett

    This course covers four IFRSs that are specific to particular sectors: agriculture, exploration and evaluation of mineral reserves, insurance, and regulatory deferral accounts which is essentially how to account for goods and services where the price is fixed by regulation.

  • > Managing your Transition to IFRS by Lisa Weaver

    Learn everything you need to know about the new standards, the benefits and the implications of using them, and how to make the transition a smooth one.

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