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All courses are, unless otherwise stated:

  • 120 days access
  • 4 CPD hours
  • £75.00 (+VAT)
  • > Value Stream Mapping by Chris Bruce

    This course provides a framework for setting up, managing and completing a VSM exercise. Real world examples of both successful and less than perfect implementations help you understand how to really make VSM work in your organisation.

  • > ACCA learning pathway: Performance management & leadership

    This ACCA research identified performance management and leadership as key skills employers want. This pathway helps you develop these skills to go alongside your technical skills.

    20 weeks | 1 hour per week | £330.00 (+VAT)

  • > ACCA learning pathway: Entrepreneurship & SME growth

    Working in a finance or leadership role in an SME, or as a trusted business advisor to SME clients? This pathway will enable you to take a professional approach to developing and executing a growth plan.

    20 weeks | 1 hour per week | £330.00 (+VAT)

  • > ACCA learning pathway: Mastering communication

    This ACCA learning pathway is aimed at recently qualified members and those about to qualify. This pathway is designed to help you develop the key skill that employers have told us they look for in new recruits: communication.

    20 weeks | 1 hour per week | £330.00 (+VAT)

  • > ACCA learning pathway: Building your professional skills

    This ACCA learning pathway will help you to maximise your effectiveness within an organisation. It is designed to develop the key employability skills identified by ACCA research with employer groups.

    20 weeks | 1 hour per week | £330.00 (+VAT)

  • > Entrepreneurs' Tax Relief by Tony Austin

    This course will explain how the relief is applied and all the requirements necessary for an individual trader, partner, trustee or shareholder to qualify. It will cover planning opportunities and pitfalls and how it applies in certain circumstances in particular, where other reliefs are involved.

  • > Cash Management by Bob Lyddon

    This course looks at the basic components of cash management, namely the ways and means of paying money out and collecting money in, and the attributes of the bank accounts over which these transactions flow. It also explores the potential pitfalls and techniques for mitigating them.

  • > Ethics in Tax by Ian Hayes

    This course looks in depth at what ethics are, and explains how you can use them and make them work for you. By a careful use of examples and cases drawn from real professional life, you will be presented with ethical dilemmas and equipped with tools to formulate your own responses and deal with them.

  • > Taxation in Buying and Selling an SME Business by Andrew Law

    This course looks at the major taxation implications of buying and selling a business. The course will give you a better understanding of the range of taxation issues as well as the options available to achieve the desired commercial outcome whilst minimising the tax payable.

  • > Presenting Numerical Data by Anna Faherty

    In this course you will explore how effective use of data can enable informed business decisions and win support for ideas while considering your audience, goals and the wider context. You'll also discover how to express numerical data in words or visuals, accessibly interpret it for non-specialist audiences and manage ambiguity and uncertainty.

  • > Current Pensions and Finance Issues by Rob Weaver

    This course is designed to get you up to speed with current pensions and finance issues and also to signpost the changes currently taking place and those yet to come.

  • > Presentation Skills by Anna Faherty

    During this course you will explore how verbal, visual and non-verbal communication skills contribute to effective presentations while considering your audience, goals and the wider context. You'll also discover how to manage nerves and stay on message in some of the most challenging business situations.

  • > Valuation by Peter Howson

    This course provides everything you need to start valuing businesses confidently. It introduces you to valuation processes and provides an overview of the main valuation methods. This includes exploring the use of multiples, cash flow discounting, target returns, balance sheet methods and value creation.

  • > Integrated Reporting by Lisa Weaver

    This course gives you a clear overview of the Integrated Reporting Framework, and practical advice on its application. It will enhance your understanding of this topical issue in corporate reporting, and enable you to develop an action plan for implementing the framework.

  • > Performance Measurement: The reality by David Allen

    Performance measurement in an important skill for accountants and financial managers. But too narrow a focus can lead to bad decision making, and the wrong measure can distort behaviours in ways that were not intended. In this course, David Allen, shines a light on these potential pitfalls and explores ways of avoiding them.

  • > Claiming R&D Tax Credits by Linda Eziquiel

    This course will help you to recognise qualifying R&D activities, compile appropriate cost breakdowns, calculate the value of the R&D tax credit claim and ensure that your claim includes all the information HMRC want to see.

  • > IFRS: Specific Sectors by Wayne Bartlett

    This course covers four IFRSs that are specific to particular sectors: agriculture, exploration and evaluation of mineral reserves, insurance, and regulatory deferral accounts which is essentially how to account for goods and services where the price is fixed by regulation.

  • > Business Performance Management Techniques in a Dynamic World by Lincoln Miles

    This course considers the practical issues that are faced by operational, managerial and strategic level staff in the application of the performance management techniques and how to make these work, in our fast paced, dynamic world.

  • > Business Performance Management Strategy in a Dynamic World by Lincoln Miles

    This course looks at the impact of recent developments on performance management. By considering these real life examples, the course offers an insight into how performance management techniques that actually work can be applied in the work place.

  • > Tax Risk Areas: A Guide for Accountants by Gabelle

    Leading tax specialists, Gabelle, have compiled Top Risk Areas for Tax Practices to demystify the areas of the UK Tax Code which, from their experience, pose the most difficulties in interpretation and application for tax practitioners.

  • > IFRS: Key Accounting Policies and Other Reporting Considerations by Wayne Bartlett

    This course looks in detail at the main source of guidance on accounting policies - IAS 8. In addition, the course takes you through other key issues in reporting.

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