cpd types

One plays in a rock band, another first coined the phrase Strategic Financial Management. One tweets for the Ragged School Museum in East London and another is a big fan of 24.

With the launch of it seems only sensible to introduce you to our authors. As well as being interesting people in their own right, they’ve all been chosen because they are leading experts in their fields and develop high quality courses that meet your CPD needs.

For all our courses, we start with the topic. We research the market and talk to our accounting partners to find out the sorts of topics you want to see courses on. Once we know what courses you want us to publish we set out to find the person most qualified to write the content. Luckily many of us here at are ex-book publishers, so we don’t find this too much of a challenge.

We are really proud of our author team which includes: David Allen, a former CIMA president, Robin Tidd, former chair of CIMA members in practice, Brian Plowman, Peter Howson, Drayton Bird, John McCarthy, Stuart Warner, Anna Faherty and the late David Molyneaux.

You can find out more about all of our authors and what makes them tick on our website. And if you’re interested in becoming an author yourself, why don’t you get in touch.

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