cpd types

The global economy is going through a period of unprecedented change – change that will forever alter the role of accountants. To be a successful accountant of the future you will need an optimal and changing combination of professional competencies: a collection of technical knowledge, skills and abilities combined with interpersonal behaviours and qualities. In a recent survey, we found that 78% of accounting professional would like a mix of technical and professional skills when selecting topics for their CPD.

To ensure you don't get left behind in this dynamic industry, it's crucial for you to learn and grow and careful consideration of the right CPD is a key tool that can help prepare you for the future. Of course, it should develop knowledge and skills, but there are additional benefits if you get it right. Effective CPD goes beyond the hours, it will also help you to contribute towards a positive work environment, improve your performance and ensure your work standards are high. CPD should prepare you for the challenges of this changing profession.

What is effective CPD?

1. Flexible

We all have busy schedules and it's hard to find time for professional development. You can make it easier for yourself by accessing CPD that can be completed whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. 98% of those we surveyed said that they want to complete some of their CPD online.

2. Relevant

Everyone has different CPD needs, and effective CPD should recognise each need by providing a wide range of learning topics and styles to cater to for everyone. CPD should be available to help you with specific issues at the moment you need it. We found that nearly ¾ of accountants surveyed preferred to spread their CPD over the year.

3. Varied

Effective CPD shouldn't just focus on improving your technical skills, but also improving the interpersonal skills you need to become a successful finance business partner.

4. Social

Peer-enriched learning enables you to learn from your fellow accountants as well as from the experts. Compare ideas and share real experiences online with fellow finance professionals.

5. Reflective

Effective CPD should make you think about what you have learnt and how you can apply it to your role. This will improve your current performance and enable you to think about how you would like to improve further.

To be effective, CPD needs to be relevant, personal and engaging. It should encompass both technical and professional skills that you can draw on to fulfil your CPD requirements, whether that’s new skill, interpersonal qualities or technical knowledge. You should take the opportunity to curate your own learning path that not only results in improved productivity for yourself but benefits that your CPD can provide to your organisation. CPD should be seen as an investment in your future, which is proven to speed up career progression and increase employee satisfaction.

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