Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Accountants

Excel can be a complete minefield. There's a function for this, a formula for that. You can be a while trying to figure out how to get things done.

You don't need to be an Excel expert to increase efficiency and save time, however. Learning keyboard shortcuts can greatly improve your productivity when working with spreadsheets.

In this bite, learn some of the most useful Excel keyboard shortcuts for accountants.

TIP: The shortcuts featured in this bite are widely used but not all shortcuts are applicable to all keyboards, eg keyboards in different languages, Mac keyboards, etc. Different versions of Excel may also require different shortcuts.


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How often do you use keyboard shortcuts in Excel?

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Hearing about shortcuts for the first time? Shortcuts expert? Whatever the case, scroll through some useful Excel keyboard shortcuts and then share your favourites to earn a bit of CPD.

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Insert charts

Ever wanted to insert a chart into your workbook to visualise your profit growth? Simply select the cells containing the data that you would like to visualise and press F11.


Spell check

More often than not, spreadsheets contain elements of text. You can run a spell check on your worksheet by pressing F7.

TIP: If you use text boxes in Excel, you must perform a spell check in each text box and not on the worksheet.

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The most commonly used formula in Excel is SUM. In fact, it is the only formula in Excel to have its own keyboard shortcut: Alt+=.


Format currency

Working in finance often requires you to format values in a certain currency. You can apply the currency format to a cell or range of selected cells by pressing Ctrl+Shift+4. The currency selected by Excel will be the default currency setting for your region.

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Select entire rows or columns

To select an entire row, press Shift+Spacebar.

To select an entire column, press Ctrl+Spacebar.


Switch between different worksheets and workbooks

Accountants often work with multiple workbooks open and multiple worksheets in each workbook. Navigation can be aided with the use of keyboard shortcuts…

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  • To switch to the next worksheet in a workbook, press Ctrl+PgUp.
  • To switch to the previous worksheet, press Ctrl+PgDn.
  • To toggle between different workbooks, press Ctrl+Tab.

View formulas

Sometimes it is necessary to view the formula in a cell rather than the value returned by the formula. You can quickly toggle between viewing the cell value and the cell formula by pressing Ctrl+`.

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There are many more keyboard shortcuts available in Excel.

Which Excel shortcuts do you find most useful in your role as an accountant or finance professional? Share your tips with other users of this bite!

New to shortcuts? Which of the above will you find helpful?

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  1. Andrew C
    Posted in the last hour at
    Shift/ctl+Spacebar I have not used but will now!
  2. Sherice S
    Posted in the last hour at
    I mostly use cntl c, cntl v, F2
  3. Adefemi O
    Posted in the last hour at
    I use excel most of the time and these shortcuts are very useful.
  4. Anouska L
    Posted today at
    Ctrl X, Ctrl V, Ctrl C are the ones I use most frequently or the F buttons
  5. Khalid R
    Posted today at
    I only use keyboard board shortcuts when i am working on a laptop. Most popular has to be ctrl,alt,delete.
  6. Ruby rose L
    Posted 24-Jun-2019 at
    I normally use Ctrl+c and Ctrl V, copy and paste.
  7. Elena S
    Posted 21-Jun-2019 at
    Ctrl+Tab (simple, but i didn't use:) thank you
  8. Anita H
    Posted 19-Jun-2019 at
    Fn11, that's really helpful! I use Ctrl C,V,X a lot. Also Ctrl pgup/down
  9. David S
    Posted 19-Jun-2019 at
    Ctrl and shift is my most common shortcut. Also ctrl c an v for copy and paste
  10. Andrew D
    Posted 18-Jun-2019 at
    The best ones to remember for me there are ctrl and pgup/down as well as the show formula key.
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