Learning Pathway: Business Performance Management

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About this learning pathway

price £330+vat
pw hours 20 CPD hours
Study method: Online group learning
Start date: In session

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The monthly reports in most organisations show progress against financial and other objectives, but how are those objectives set and are they always the right ones? This learning pathway goes right to the heart of how accountants add value to the process of managing the business' performance.

Whether operating from outside a business as a trusted advisor, or from the inside as a member of the finance team, you can play a key role in ensuring that the managers of a business achieve proper control of their processes. This learning pathway will provide solid, practical advice on how to make performance management and KPIs work for your organisations or for your clients' businesses.

With process being a key theme running through this learning pathway, many of the weeks focus on how you can develop processes that enable people to work together to deliver positive outcomes for both the customer and the organisation, therefore improving cost-efficiency, profitability and adding value to the business.

Working with your peers through the learning pathway, you will be given tools and techniques to help you evaluate, develop and create best practice business performance solutions to create and drive value. Measurement and reporting play a key role in business performance management so as well as focusing on understanding how best to drive value, you will also take a process-driven approach to understanding how to measure and report on business performance, and to reflect on it to enable the processes you develop to be constantly evolving in response to the ongoing and changing needs of the business.

This learning pathway addresses the key elements of successful BPM :

  • A clear understanding of business processes
  • A clear understanding of customer requirements
  • Clear measures of performance
  • A system for managing and improving performance