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The Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS) is currently taking place in London (Monday 29 Tuesday 30 April). This FinTech event, which marks the start of the UK FinTech week, is focused this year on the value and purpose that FinTech has to society. The summit is providing those in the finance industry with a single point of access to forward thinking participants in financial services who are coming together with the aim of creating an industry on a global level that is more sustainable and more inclusive.

For the summit this year key new sessions have been incorporated, including sessions on Green Finance. Green Finance is a trending topic that encompasses investment in sustainable and environmental projects. It's a shift away from just looking at investments as something that generate profit to investments that also take into consideration environmental and social aspects.

The IFGS are paying attention to this trend this week. As an example, one of the panel sessions today on 30 April is on "The Socially Conscious Consumer: How are FinTechs Stepping Up?" Sustainable finance is on the global radar in the world of finance to ensure that we are looking after the world that we live in. Within the EU, for example, 2030 targets agreed in the Paris Climate Agreement (2015), include a 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions, which means there is an investment gap that needs to be filled estimated at 180 billion EUR per year.

Sustainable finance will continue to be on the FinTech agenda, globally, and it's going to have an impact on businesses and on individuals which means green finance, ie investments in funds that support green technologies, are vital.



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