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Last week we took a look over some of the biggest social media mishaps of 2015. Now it's time for part 2. Of course there will always be cautionary tales of social media gone wrong but there are also some great campaigns that showcase how powerful social media can be. Here are some of our favourite examples from those who really got it right.

The Brilliant

1. WWF's 'Last Selfie' campaign

This bittersweet campaign run by the WWF just goes to show that you can use whichever social media platform you want, as long as you're doing something clever with it. WWF used SnapChat to send its followers pictures of endangered species with the hashtag #LastSelfie to bring awareness to some of the world's most endangered animals. The thought behind using SnapChat was that the pictures would disappear after 10 seconds to reflect how quickly these animals could disappear from the planet.

Why it worked:
By keeping their message simple WWF were able to create a really powerful campaign which resonated with followers. When creating a social media campaign, think of the simplest way to get your message across – we can guarantee it's more likely to do the trick.

2. TOMS creates #withoutshoes hashtag

TOMS is already well established for its good deeds; for every pair of TOMS shoes purchased another pair of TOMS is given for free to a child in need. If that weren't enough, TOMS ran a short, month-long campaign so that whenever a person on Instagram used the hashtag #withoutshoes, TOMS would give away a free pair of shoes to someone in need around the world.

Why it worked:
It is a general rule that humankind wants to take care of humankind. Its makes us feel good to do things for other people. What's better than making other people feel good? Making people feel good without them having to do much. It's so easy to take a photo and use a hashtag. This means that so many people who might not have otherwise gotten involved could do some good easily.

3. #bestshotever campaign run by LG

In recent years phone technology has rapidly been trying to compete with digital cameras to become the best. LG is no exception. In a bid to promote their new LG G4 phone the mobile company ran a competition in which people were asked to take breath-taking photos with their phones and post them using the hashtag #bestshotever.

Why it worked:
This campaign played on what people love the most. Winning stuff and showing off. The winner of this competition won a trip to New York as well as two brand new LG G4 phones. If you've got something you can give away while giving people the opportunity to something they love to win it you've got yourself the perfect campaign combo.

4. Alfa Romeo writes back to its fans

One would-be purchaser of Giulietta was upset to go to their dealership only to find the car they wanted to buy had already been sold. He went to Twitter and sent a love poem to Alfa Romeo to exhibit how upset he was. But then the car company replied with a poem of their own...

Why it worked:
If someone tags you on social media it's because they want to engage with you. That's why sending a response (even to negative feedback) can be so important. It doesn't just let the recipient know you're listening but also makes all of your followers aware that you are as interested in them as they are you.

5. Australians write love letters to their favourite trees

The city of Melbourne started giving its trees ID numbers and email addresses as part of an interactive Urban Forest Map campaign. This was set up so people in the city could report problems, such as hazardous branches. However, it took a very unexpected turn when people started using the email addresses to send love letters to their favourite trees in the city.

Why it worked:
Okay, we have to admit that the city of Melbourne didn't set out to make its trees feel loved. We also have to admit that this isn't that recent either. But doesn't it just warm your heart anyway? The reason it worked, in our opinion, is because Melbourne gave its citizens a voice to talk about something they clearly cared about. When you open up an avenue for conversation you might be surprised how many people want to talk to you!

  1. Mei H
    Posted 06-Jul-2017 at
    Social Media is a tool, so we need to use it wisely. However, it's overloaded with too much rubbish.
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