What is Ethics?

by Anna Faherty

FREE 1-hr CPD module. Ethics plays an integral role in the finance and accounting world. In this short course you'll discover the key concepts and value of ethics, how it compares to the law, and use decision-making frameworks for tackling complex ethical decisions.

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This course will enable you to

  • Define ethics and the value it provides to businesses
  • Differentiate between ethics and the law
  • Outline the key ethical principles for finance professionals
  • Recognise common potential threats and challenges to ethical behaviour
  • Use decision-making frameworks to make the right choices in challenging situations

About the course

Ethics plays an integral role in the accounting and finance profession. Having a good understanding of ethical behaviour will help you to make difficult ethical decisions that will benefit your organisation.

This short course introduces the concept and value of ethics and considers the link between ethics and the law. You'll identify the key principles and potential threats to ethical behaviour. It will also introduce you to various decision-making frameworks and provides practical guidance for tackling complex ethical dilemmas in the workplace.

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  • What is Ethics?
    • What is ethics?
    • The value of ethics
    • Ethics and the law
    • Ethical principles and threats
    • Conflicting perspectives
    • Decision-making frameworks
    • Hidden ethics


Anna Faherty

Writer, lecturer and consultant working across the publishing, museum and charity sectors.

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