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    How can you create a workplace that the accountants of the future will choose to stay in?

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    Explore the important role that accountants and finance professionals play in supporting sustainability objectives in businesses.

  3. Overcoming preconceptions: Accountants are creative!

    Creativity is about more than composing a song or painting a picture. It has its place in the accounting profession as well.

  4. 3 barriers to effective CPD and how to overcome them

    Discover the top 3 barriers to completing CPD and how you can overcome them.

  5. A Banking Crisis?

    Explore recent banking issues and why we should care.

  6. Accounting Buzzwords 2023: Deciphering Workplace Conversations

    Buzzwords make people notice you. Here are the 5 buzzwords that you should take note of to help you network and grow as an accountant.