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Mastering Microsoft Excel is essential for every professional accountant. Excel@acpd is an innovative, online service designed specifically for accountants and finance professionals to help you make the most of this powerful tool.

Explore how you can use Excel to become quicker, more accurate and more sophisticated in your finance and business analysis and reporting.

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New for 2019 – 80+ videos take you through Excel’s key concepts using step-by-step worked examples.

CPD Courses

20+ online courses enable you to dive into a topic in detail, share your experiences, and practice what you’ve learned.

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20+ quizzes to test your knowledge and check your progress.

CPD Bites

20+ CPD Bites give you excel tips and tricks in digestible 15-minute chunks.

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"[excel@acpd] helped me a lot as most of the topics are very relevant to my role and are very practical and easy to apply. The new knowledge acquired is an added skill that I wouldn't have gained on my own. The videos provided in some parts of the course are an excellent means of enhancing the learning experience because it provided practical guidance and easy-to-follow instructions."

Gerardo C

"Really good to learn new features and enhance knowledge when most experienced/skilled user in the office. Like having an Excel companion at work!"

Rebekah H

"Tables were a revelation - did not use them before as remember them from old times when they were very static."

Brian S