Improving Business Profits

by John Taylor

This course takes a comprehensive look at how to improve profitability. Discover the processes necessary for enhancing revenue, optimising costs, eliminating waste and maximising assets and finance.

price £75+vat
cpd hours 4 CPD hours
access 120 days' access

This course will enable you to

  • Create a good foundation for business success and improving profits
  • Apply practical approaches to improve revenues keeping the existing customer base in mind
  • Deploy different methods designed to optimise costs, deliver value, eliminate waste and non-value-added costs
  • Identify practical ways your business can make use of its assets and control its liabilities
  • Understand why motivation and communication are key in establishing realistic objectives

About the course

As accountants, we are always looking for ways to improve profitability. But how do you increase sales and reduce cost at the same time? For sustainable improvements, you need to put in place a structured approach that looks across the whole business to improve productivity.

This course takes a comprehensive look at the options you and your clients have for long-term improvement. You will learn how to control costs by examining pricing strategies and margins. Discover how to maximise customer profitability, through controlling inventory, eliminating waste and you'll look at ways to boost profits by making use of assets and controlling liabilities.

Look inside



  • Building the foundations for success
    • Key motivation factors
    • The importance of communication
    • The process of communication
    • Setting business objectives
    • Diversification
    • Improving business processes
    • Going digital
  • Improving revenues
    • Customer profitability analysis
    • Brand value
    • The product life cycle
    • Product planning
    • New market barriers
    • Pricing issues
    • Value-based pricing
    • Maximising gross margin
    • Upselling
    • Innovation strategies
  • Optimising costs
    • Cost optimisation
    • Identifying opportunities
    • Who is responsible?
    • Strategic initiatives
    • Waste reduction
    • The basis for costing
    • The supply chain
  • Maximising assets and finance
    • Considerations
    • Budgeting
    • Tangible assets
    • Managing cash
    • Inventory management
    • Manging receivables
    • Managing payables


John Taylor

Specialises in dealing with problems faced by large family-owned companies. Freelance author and lecturer.

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