About us

Why accountingcpd.net?

accountingcpd.net, from Nelson Croom, is an online resource for high quality accounting cpd that meets the requirements of all UK accounting bodies' CPD regimes. Our courses are available 24/7 so you can do your CPD whenever and wherever it suits you, your family and your clients!

We know you have a genuine desire to be stimulated, challenged and to really learn something, so we’ve designed our courses to do just that.


They are so much more than information on a screen and a quick test, or a bad video of a face to face event that you were unable to attend. Instead...

Each course really makes you think

Our courses encourage you to apply and practice what you've learned. You can learn from your peers as well as from the experts, by sharing thoughts and ideas.

If you think it's time you had a genuine online learning experience choose a course that meets your CPD need, add it to your basket and follow the simple ordering process.

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