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Blog's blog offers online cpd courses directly to accountants. Our blog will feature thoughts and comments, from our prestigious team of authors, designed to stimulate and challenge you. It will also keep you up to date with what's happening at, new courses and special offers.

Blog summaryLast updated: 27-Jan-2015
Planning Ahead: Getting your CPD head on

The New Year provides the perfect opportunity for many of us to start thinking about goals, both professionally and personally. Whilst traditionally January is usually spent creating personal resolutions it is also the ideal time to think of professional developments and career goals. Ask yourself what it is you want and then decide how your CPD will help you achieve ...

Posted 27-Jan-2015 at 16:55 [Liked: 1]
New Year, New Skills

The key to success is planning now. Every year when you're required to set goals for yourself and meet these professional targets, it is far more important to get what you need from your CPD rather than just racking up your verifiable hours. Why not take some time now to layout your professional development needs and how you intend to use your time between now and the ...

Posted 07-Jan-2015 at 16:48
Is social media the next step in client care?

Social media is huge, and not only is it going to keep growing, it is also fast becoming a common form of customer communication. What this mean for an organisation using social media?

1 in 3 social media users prefer to reach out on social media compared to calling on the phone*. Age or gender does not appear to change which users are more likely to turn to ...

Posted 11-Dec-2014 at 12:40 [Liked: 1]
First Thoughts on Autumn Tax Statement from Gabelle
Tax experts Gabelle have been busy doing their Autumn Tax Statement Analysis. They are still working through the details but here is an overview of some of the ...
Posted 03-Dec-2014 at 16:51
We've launched Operational Cost Savings and Efficiencies

Almost every company has been affected in some way by the global economic downturn. Going bust can be the ultimate price to pay for not embarking on a cost savings and efficiencies strategy. In a constantly changing global market can your organisation answer "yes" to these questions? Is your organisation running efficiently? Are the costs under control? Are you spending ...

Posted 26-Nov-2014 at 10:30
IT glitches – The curse of Auto Enrolment

You may well have heard of Dunelm, the retailer, who were outed by the Pensions Regulator for a failure of their auto enrolment responsibilities. This included an ineffective payroll system which resulted in non-payment of contributions of £108,000. This problem has been rectified and according to the Pensions Regulator, Dunelm are fully compliant with their auto ...

Posted 06-Nov-2014 at 16:59 [Liked: 3]
Accountants: Are you in?

It would be impossible for you not to have seen or hear the campaign from the government regarding workplace pensions be it on television, in the press or on the radio. 2015 and beyond is definitely going to be a busy time with employers with fewer than 50 people in them will be staging between 1 June 2015 and 1 April 2017 and starting their auto enrolment responsibilities.

Research ...

Posted 05-Nov-2014 at 11:07
Being a mindful learner: paying attention

As a learner whether you're sitting an exam, reading material or taking an online course do you ever find yourself drifting off? When taking an online course have you wandered to another site, or found yourself thinking about something else?

This blog post is based on a book by Dr Craig Hassed & Dr Richard Chambers called "Mindful ...

Posted 29-Oct-2014 at 16:44 [Liked: 1]
Lisa Weaver tells us about the updates made to Corporate Governance

The course Gorporate Governance has now been updated and author Lisa Weaver is telling us about these changes in her blog.

In September 2014, the Financial Reporting ...

Posted 21-Oct-2014 at 11:49
The Pitfalls of Partnership Tax

We're moving on and now looking at things to do to avoid the common pitfalls of Partnership tax. The taxation ...

Posted 14-Oct-2014 at 11:24
The Pitfalls of Tax Investigation

Authored by Gabelle, has launched four new courses. The series is based on the most frequently ...

Posted 07-Oct-2014 at 15:42
Social Media Blunders and Brilliance

We're soon to be launching a new course on the risk in social media. ...

Posted 23-Sep-2014 at 14:51 [Liked: 4]
Reports of Financial Crime double within year

City law firm, Pinsent Masons compiled their figures to show that within the last year reports of financial crime have

The Results are in

We've tallied up our results from the "How ready are you for new UK and Ireland GAAP?"

Successful Planning for Auto-Enrolment

Regulators have suggested companies begin to plan 12-18 months before their staging date. With a lot of auto-enrolment queries falling to accountants, are you prepared to answer them?

Laurence ...

Posted 04-Sep-2014 at 15:48
What challenges face businesses post auto-enrolment?

Plenty of businesses have now passed their staging date for auto-enrolment. But what problems have they faced since? A survey conducted by

Risk Management has been updated!

One of our regular authors, David Allen, has recently updated his

What’s ticked off your GAAP checklist?

The news of the changing UK and Ireland GAAP is well known, but are you still playing catch-up? With less than 6 months to go until 2015, how prepared are you feeling?

Why not look over ...

Posted 21-Aug-2014 at 14:43
Why don’t people report fraud when it is detected?

A recent survey from KPMG has shown that inconvenience and fear of negative publicity are the top reasons why detected fraud goes unreported. So the question is; are businesses doing enough to enforce ...

Posted 19-Aug-2014 at 11:18
How ready are you for new UK and Ireland GAAP?

How are you feeling about the upcoming GAAP transition?
Are you ready to take on 2015 and the changes the year holds?
Take our interactive poll and let us know...

Posted 15-Aug-2014 at 10:50
We’ve launched Preventing Financial Crime

What aspects of accounting should be considered when preventing financial crime? What do good internal controls look like? What is financial crime?

John Taylor’s new course

What’s expected of an accountant today?

What are you expecting from your career? It seems that more and more accountants are stretching and seeking further roles in their job. Not just the accountant, but the company too, "Companies are ...

Posted 06-Aug-2014 at 12:26
Bloomsbury Professional’s Financial Reporting for Smaller Companies now available with’s new UK and Ireland GAAP Programme

Bloomsbury Professional has teamed up with to create the ultimate new UK and Ireland GAAP Package which incorporates 21 hours of CPD on this important topic and all the reference information ...

Posted 04-Aug-2014 at 12:13
UK's largest businesses have passed their staging dates for auto-enrolment

Are you getting asked about auto-enrolment? If not yet, then you soon will be...

The Pensions Regulator have released their

Would you be able to identify a fraudster?

Latest financial fraud research report found a 285% rise in the value of frauds by the 26-35 age group in the first half of this year, compared to 2013. Hitesh Patel, UK forensic partner at KPMG states, ...

Posted 30-Jul-2014 at 15:25
New 21 Hour UK and Ireland GAAP Programme author, Lisa Weaver, has been helping us develop a new Programme focused on helping you manage the transition of the new UK and Ireland GAAP; "New UK GAAP is the hot topic of 2014, ...

Posted 24-Jul-2014 at 14:13
The importance of E-Learning

We've seen an interesting infographic recently, in went to meet CPA Ireland and ANAN in Dublin

It was very gratifying to receive such positive response on a recent trip to Dublin to meet with’s partners CPA Ireland and ANAN (from Nigeria). We are jointly developing a Certificate ...

Posted 18-Jul-2014 at 09:32
Sneak Peek at Anna Faherty’s Video Introductions

When we updated two of Anna’s courses, we added in some quick introductory videos from her. This personal touch will hopefully lead to more engagement, as learners can hear from the author herself. ...

Posted 16-Jul-2014 at 14:09 [Liked: 2]
IFA are making changes to their CPD requirements

The IFA CPD scheme is changing, here we look at why and break it down for you.

Why the change? Firstly, in line with IFAC requirements CPD is ...

Posted 08-Jul-2014 at 10:39
Changes in Paternity Law and Family Rights

In the upcoming months, you may be asked to discuss or explain the change in family rights and what your employees or clients are entitled to. This is no surprise when the changes that have been ...

Posted 04-Jul-2014 at 10:33
Finding What You Want on Social Media

An Accountant's Guide

Information is everywhere, and it's hardly news anymore that it is becoming increasingly more social. The brilliance of this ...

Posted 02-Jul-2014 at 10:30
FRSSE Muddle

So it’s all quite simple:

In order to get in line with EU requirements regarding disclosures for SMEs, it was necessary to revise the FRSSE. This has been done and it will become effective ...

Posted 25-Jun-2014 at 11:13
Revised course on Communicating Complex Ideas

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you’ve had to explain a difficult financial concept to a client? What was it?

When should you be thinking about succession planning?

According to a recent article, the accountancy recruitment agency Randstad Financial & Professional have suggested that succession planning should be happening as early as interview stages. Recent ...

Posted 19-Jun-2014 at 16:08
John Mardle’s Top Ten Tips for Optimising Working Capital

Author for John Mardle has recently written for Treasury Today his top tips for Working Capital Optimisation.

The piece looks at how to make sure that working capital ...

Posted 18-Jun-2014 at 10:26
Revised course on Thinking Strategically

Thinking Strategically is now updated and refreshed with lots of new information and bite-size videos introducing the topic from the author herself, Anna Faherty.

This course is one ...

Posted 16-Jun-2014 at 10:34
Revised course on Strategic Financial Management

David Allen’s course on Strategic Financial Management has been on ...

Posted 13-Jun-2014 at 14:48
Changing Track by Lisa Weaver
Over the next 12 months accountants must prepare themselves and their clients for a fundamental change in the way companies and other reporting entities report their financial results.

From ...

Posted 12-Jun-2014 at 11:31
Author Interview: Lisa Weaver

Lisa has written six courses for Accountingcpd. Her most recent offering is a three-course walk-through on the new UK GAAP. Find out more here.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do within your profession, and what specialist areas do you have?

I specialise in writing and presenting technical update ...

Posted 29-May-2014 at 12:14
Revised Course on Employment Law for Managers
Our course Employment Law for Managers has been updated and refreshed to take into account recent legislation changes about flexible working and flexible parental leave.

The key update that we included was about employees statutory rights with regard to flexible working.

From June 2014 the right to request flexible working is now an option for all employees. There ...

Posted 28-May-2014 at 10:18
Auto-Enrolment: Are you ready for it?
Automatic enrolment - or auto-enrolment, as it is commonly known - is now a legal requirement for all UK businesses. Put simply, all UK employers need to automatically enrol their staff into a company pension or allow them to opt out.

You might be thinking 'it’s pensions, it doesn’t affect me!' but this change affects many parts of the business, including payroll, ...

Posted 13-May-2014 at 15:38
The Five Simple Whys that make change happen
In her latest blog, Anna Faherty explains how Five Simple Whys can support productivity and facilitate change within your business. You can check out her author page here.

By Anna Faherty

I’ve blogged before about the importance of talking about failure, especially ...

Posted 08-May-2014 at 15:10 [Liked: 1]
How Important is the New UK GAAP?

Over the next 12 months, accountants must prepare themselves and their clients for a fundamental change in the way companies and other reporting entities report their financial results. Have a look at what author and commentator, Lisa Weaver has to say in a

Mind the GAAP

So, the UK and Ireland GAAP is changing, but are you ready for it? Do you know how it differs from the old framework? And, most importantly, have you decided which standard you will adopt?

Whether you’re an accountant working in practice or business-based you need to be ready for January 1st 2015, when the new GAAP and standards become mandatory. If you’re ...

Posted 14-Apr-2014 at 15:00
Key Performance Indicators: Now Updated

Key performance indicators enable us to control performance. They are powerful tools not because they tell us results, but because they enable us to change them. In this course, Robin Tidd argues that any organisation that uses KPIs but fails to link the "blue sky" strategic aspiration for the next 3-5 years to action within ...

Posted 03-Apr-2014 at 13:07
New course on Growing Your Business Through Acquisition

There are only two ways to expand a business:

  1. Grow it organically by making more sales and more profit and then ploughing those profits back into the business.
  2. Buy another business, or find a partner business and merge it with yours.

In his new course,

Revised course on Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions

Peter Howson's course on Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions has been on our bestseller list since it was published in July 2007. For this reason it is the latest course to be reviewed and revised. The course now incorporates new images and graphics to illustrate ...

Posted 25-Feb-2014 at 17:41
Top 10 tips when developing your invention

In his latest blog, IP expert and author, Rob Lucas shares his top ten tips on developing inventions.

By Rob Lucas

  1. Be invitational, not confrontational. Many inventors turn their back on sound advice because they are over-precious about their idea and think they know best.
  2. At ...
Posted 07-Feb-2014 at 08:44
Why Britain is not making the most out of its genius

It’s a little known fact that at the turn of the Millenium, the Japanese Department of Trade undertook a survey to find out about the most influential inventions of the 20th Century. The most incredible part of the survey is that of all the most influential inventions 54% were British; a staggering figure, meaning that the rest of the world accounted for 46%.

Yet ...

Posted 30-Jan-2014 at 14:43
Five things you can do today to improve your career prospects

Professional coach and author, Marie Taylor, looks at five simple things you can do to improve your career prospects, today.

By Marie Taylor

Know thyself and what you have to offer. When was the last time you revised that CV or really spent half an hour thinking through ...

Posted 14-Jan-2014 at 11:17
The most important trends to understand in the world of business crowdfunding

Journalist and author, Andy Davis, identifies the most important trends in business crowdfunding.

By Andy Davis

There are obvious answers you could point to – for example, the creation of markets in different types of finance, where multiple lenders can compete to ...

Posted 29-Nov-2013 at 12:45
Crowdfunding sites grow upwards of 100 per cent year on year

Journalist and author, Andy Davis, looks at whether alternative finance is a genuine option for funding.

By Andy Davis

2013 has arguably been a breakthrough year for the peer-to-peer and crowdfunding movement, online matchmakers that enable individuals ...
Posted 21-Nov-2013 at 12:31
Making the right decisions for new ventures - more science than art

In her latest blog author, Anna Faherty, promotes a scientific approach to entrepreneurship.

By Anna Faherty

How do you or your organisation make decisions about where to target resources? Why do you choose to pursue one new product or service idea above ...

Posted 12-Nov-2013 at 14:50 [Liked: 1]
Launch of new course on Alternative Finance

When businesses find it hard to secure finance from banks, they turn to their accountants for advice. But what alternatives can you suggest?

In his new online CPD course, FT journalist, Andy Davis explores this rapidly expanding market and shares the very latest information on the crowdfunding ...

Posted 05-Nov-2013 at 15:34
New course on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship is all about creating and exploiting business opportunities. Have you ever wondered whether you'd be good at it?

In her new course, Anna Faherty, shows you how companies and individuals apply ...

Posted 24-Oct-2013 at 16:02
Rebalancing Resources

In his latest blog author Brian Plowman takes a look at how you can rebalance resources within your organisation, and the surprising benefits this can bring.

by Brian Plowman

At the heart of the approach you need to ask a series of questions focused on:

Posted 14-Oct-2013 at 10:17
Top 5 courses for you

At we know that accountants in business and practice need different things from their cpd. offers a wide range of courses designed to help you complete your cpd requirement whichever area you work in.

This year the top 5 courses purchased ...

Posted 27-Sep-2013 at 12:17
Shoot for the moon: managing remote teams

International and Remote Working author Anna Faherty looks at what we can learn from an early remote working success story: the Apollo Program to put a man on the Moon.

Posted 23-Sep-2013 at 10:42
New course on Financial Control in SMEs

The way SMEs approach financial control needs to be different to the approach of large organisations. SMEs are not distracted by share prices and can afford to think long term.

In our latest course author David Allen encourages you to be proactive in the management of your businesses; looking ...

Posted 17-Sep-2013 at 13:57
An interview with David Allen

David Allen's latest course Financial Control in SMEs has just launched on and so we thought it was the perfect time to sit down with the author to find out a bit more about ...

Posted 16-Sep-2013 at 11:42
Updated Project Management Course

Project Management for Accountants is one of our most popular courses and project management skills are increasingly sought after in the accounting world. Changes in business culture, where collaboration is now more the norm, mean that accountants are increasingly ...

Posted 09-Sep-2013 at 10:08
Get two online cpd courses for the price of one throughout September

As the year flies by your cpd completion deadline is drawing ever closer. Before you know it, you will be wondering how to fit it all into the final month of the cpd year.

To help you get on top of your 2013 cpd requirement, are offering 2 online courses for ...

Posted 06-Sep-2013 at 10:57
Hans Hoogervorst comments on global adoption of IFRS author, Lisa Weaver, reflects on Hans Hoogervorst’s recent speech in Hong Kong, about how the use of IFRS is developing globally.

By Lisa Weaver

On 5th June 2013, Hans Hoogervorst, Chair ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 16:58
New online cpd course on Outsourcing have just launched our newest online cpd course, Outsourcing by Alan Lewin.

There are many potential benefits to outsourcing ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 16:55
Launch of Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering is something that happens in almost every country in the world. A single scheme can involve transferring money through several countries in order to obscure its origins. Money laundering, at its simplest, is the act of making money that comes from Source A look like it comes from Source B. In practice, criminals are trying to disguise the origins of ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 16:51
Launch of Writing a Business Plan

A good business plan can ensure your great idea gets the backing it deserves; a poor one can undermine even the most inspired proposals. Writing a Business Plan, by Chris Bruce, takes a practical approach ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 16:46
IFRS discussed at parliamentary hearing

Lisa Weaver, author of Managing your Transition to IFRS, reflects on the UK's Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards focus on IFRS.

By Lisa Weaver

Last ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 16:42
Working in Accounting and Finance Teams

Teamwork skills encompass many things which are essential in today's business environment, and are one of the top characteristics that employers look for in potential new recruits. Issues relating to teamwork, such as ensuring the competence of the team and the importance of supervision, are closely linked to quality control; and for accounting and finance professionals, ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 14:02
Will lease accounting remain a controversial area of accounting?

Lisa Weaver, author of Managing your Transition to IFRS, this week looks at Hans Hoogervorst’s recent speech at the London School of Economics, which addressed some recent wins for the

Online cpd works best when it’s social

Last week, was a winner at the annual E-Learning Awards with the judges going so far as to say that we'd turned cpd into "something of a 'guilty pleasure' for accountants rather than ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 13:55
Anna Faherty in International Accountant

Ethics and professionalism is a topic ever present in the accounting world and it is great to see author Anna Faherty asked to talk about the topic in this month's International ... shortlisted at the E-learning Awards has been shortlisted in the Best use of social media for learning category at this year's E-Learning Awards. The E-Learning Awards aim to recognise real excellence in the e-learning industry and are presented by

Risk Management Update

Our course on Risk Management, written by David Allen has been updated this month. The final section of the course looks at recent issues and disasters in terms of risk and includes new content around the topics of ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 13:42
How socially responsible is your business?

What is a corporation's role in society at large? What is their 'Corporate Social Responsibility'? This debate has been raging for some time, most recently focusing on how enterprises align their economic considerations with social and environmental ones.'s ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 13:39
Getting the most from staff working remotely during the Olympics

International and Remote Working author Anna Faherty shares some tips for managers considering implementing remote working during London 2012.

by Anna Faherty

As ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 13:34
Succession Planning

For everybody, there comes a time when you have to consider your departure from business life, and wonder if the firm you have built up will have value in someone else's eyes.

Developing a solid succession plan means nothing is left to chance. It ensures the best return for you and gives a degree of comfort to any staff involved.

Launch of International and Remote Working

Whatever organisation you work in, you are bound to collaborate with colleagues who work at home, across the globe or at different locations and times. Yet many people are unprepared for the challenges - and rewards - of international, flexible and remote working.'s ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 13:22
New online cpd course – Becoming an Expert Witness

If you act as an expert witness or are planning to do so,'s new course Becoming an Expert Witness is for you. The course looks at what it takes to be an ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 12:55
ACCA launch a new CPD focused area

ACCA have announced the launch of the new cpd section of their website and you can find all's courses listed here.

In keeping with ACCA's goal to provide easily accessible learning solutions the new resource places all learning opportunities ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 12:48
How to manage your team to high performance

The most effective teams are made up of individuals who can work together to a common goal and make the most of their resources. They have reached 'high performance' status.‘s new course,

Fresh Thinking with respect to Cash

Working Capital Optimisation and Cash Flow Management author John Mardle looks at why fresh thinking is needed in regard to Working Capital.

by John ...

Launch of Managing your Transition to IFRS

Since 2005 all EU listed companies have been reporting under IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) in their group accounts. The UK and US are both currently considering a transition to IFRS, as are many other countries such as India and Japan.

The switch from local accounting standards to IFRS must be well thought-out, and its implications understood. ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 10:45
Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) helping your business

John Mardle, author of Working Capital Optimisation and Cash Flow Management, brings you his latest blog which looks at how an efficient Cash Conversion Cycle can help you reduce your need for Working ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 10:26
London 2012 is missing a social media trick author Anna Faherty explains why the London Olympic Games Organising Committee are missing out on the opportunity that Social Media presents.

by Anna Faherty

For most people, their social ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 10:19
Launch of Grammar and Effective Writing for Accountants

Good grammar and writing skills are key communication tools for every professional. Using language incorrectly can undermine your credibility; you might be an expert in your field, but people won’t listen or fully understand if you can't explain yourself coherently. Writing concise, accurate and engaging text relies on choosing the most suitable words and applying ...

Posted 03-Sep-2013 at 10:08
Business Performance Management, Culture Building and KPIs author Robin Tidd believes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) form a key part of Business Performance Management and Culture Building. In the first of this two part blog he looks at why and how KPIs really work.

by Robin ...

Professionalism and Ethics for Accountants launches

From the Enron scandal and BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill to MPs expenses and Wiki Leaks, issues of trust, transparency, ethics and corporate social responsibility have never been so high on the organisational agenda.

Yet recognising ethical issues and taking appropriate and effective decisions isn’t easy. Spanning both home and personal worlds, and never ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 15:37
High Pay for Directors

Lisa Weaver, author of’s Corporate Governance, reacts to The High Pay Commission’s "Cheques with balances: why tackling high pay is in the national interest" report and how ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 15:34 partners with ACCA

We are pleased to announce that and ACCA are partnering to offer high quality online cpd to all ACCA members. From today all ACCA members can receive 10% off any course purchased from

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 15:28
A costly case of poor corporate governance

Lisa Weaver, author of's Corporate Governance course, brings you her thoughts on the recent UBS scandal and how good corporate governance could have prevented the situation.

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 15:23
New courses to help you complete your cpd

In the past year have launched a range of online courses to help you meet your CPD requirements. These courses include:

Accounting and Governance

Employment Law for Accountants updated has today launched a new edition of Employment Law for Accountants. Employment law changes frequently and we make sure that all changes are incorporated into the course ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 15:07
Launch of Practice Management: Building and Growing your Firm are pleased to bring you the next online cpd course in our series aimed at helping you build and sustain your professional practice.

Building ...

Corporate Governance Update

We have just relaunched Corporate Governance with further content to make it relevant to all international markets. The course covers the two key approaches to corporate governance: the code of best practice approach, for example the UK corporate governance code which ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 14:56
Managing risk in your business

It is difficult, these days, to pick up a newspaper or magazine and not find stories involving serious problems which have suddenly struck particular enterprises.

Whatever the cause you are left to wonder why top management were not aware of the possibility so that they could take evasive action – or at least be in a position to react quickly and positively ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 13:54
Giving you an edge: how devoting half an hour a week to social media delivers benefits to accountants author, Anna Faherty, looks at the benefits of social media for accountants, and how a little time each week can pay a dividends.

By Anna Faherty

Less than one in ten accountants use social media as a core route to attract clients, according to a

A new series on Practice Management

Do you have an agreed strategy for your firm? Successful practices understand what makes them different. They have a clear plan, they understand their practice model and have strong people, technology, risk management and client relationship strategies. are pleased ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 13:36
Cutting clutter – an issue of information overload? author Lisa Weaver looks at the importance of cutting clutter in your annual reports.

By Lisa Weaver

The Financial Reporting Council published a report in April 2011 entitled "

Getting women on board - an issue in governance author Lisa Weaver, whose course on Corporate Governance launched this week, looks at the findings of the 'Gender Diversity Report' by the

Avoiding scandal with good corporate governance

The term "corporate governance" is recognisable to almost everyone because of the many shocking scandals occurring in companies and other organisations across the world, and regularly reported in the press. The notorious case of Enron and the associated ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 13:06
Social Media: the Golden Goose

With the launch of our new course, Social Media for Accountants, takes a look at how the financial world values the world of social media.

Social media is the new Golden Goose of Wall Street. Witness the crazy performance ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 13:02
If you’re job-hunting, make sure your social media profile is up to date author Anna Faherty looks at the role social media plays in your professional life even before you have a job.

By Anna Faherty

With all the buzz about super injunctions and Twitter in ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 12:54
Social Media as a professional tool

Have you ever wanted to exploit the power of social media but been unsure where to start? Do you know what is out there but not how to use it to benefit your professional life? have launched a course to help. Social Media for Accountants by

Fraud is on the up! author John Taylor responds to the recent release of the

Special offer course on ethics

Don’t forget you can still get a free hour of online cpd on ethics. The course, Ethical Issues in Professional Relationships, is taken from the first module of our full four hour course Ethical Issues for Accountants, and offers you the chance to complete one hour of verifiable ...

Engaging with ethics

Last week attended an event organised by the UK Inter-Professional Group (UKIPG) on ethics and the professions. We wanted to look at how professionals engaged with ethics and see what ‘best practice’ there was when creating courses on the topic. Three main points of interest emerged.

Don't get into the detail

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 11:15
Difficulties in implementing Continuous Improvement and-or Lean Six Sigma Part II

Robin Tidd continues his look Continuous Improvement and/or Lean Six Sigma with a focus on the rewards that companies can see from implementing such schemes.

By Robin Tidd


It is important to understand why it can be so difficult to implement change ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 11:01
Difficulties in implementing Continuous Improvement and-or Lean Six Sigma Part I

In this two part blog author Robin Tidd looks at Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma. This week he looks at where we are now and what role the accountant can play.

By Robin Tidd

Progress so far is quite slow

It is now clear that businesses of all sizes ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 10:54
A new course announced recently met with Robin Tidd, author of Business Performance Management, Key Performance Indicators, Managing Through a Recession and The Road to Continuous Improvement, to scope out his next course which he ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 10:31
Finding hidden cost saving opportunities Part V

Brian Plowman provides the last in his series of blogs. This week he discusses the cost saving exercise of identifying and eradicating NOISE from your business.

By Brian Plowman

How much NOISE is there in your business?

Asking managers to document the ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 10:26
Finding hidden cost saving opportunities Part IV

Brian Plowman continues his look at finding hidden cost saving opportunities.

By Brian Plowman

The opportunity

The invisibility and lack of understanding of the interfacing activities previously discussed is always costly and reduces employee satisfaction ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 10:20
Finding hidden cost saving opportunities Part III

Brian Plowman continues to look at examples of unanticipated interfacing activities within organisations.

By Brian Plowman

A prepared food manufacturer

Take for example an Account Manager raising a production order for a special two week promotion for ...

Posted 30-Aug-2013 at 10:16
Finding hidden cost saving opportunities Part II

Following on from his article on hidden costs, Brian Plowman looks at unanticipated interfacing activities within an organisation.

by Brian Plowman

A hospital

A member of staff requires a piece of equipment. The anticipated interfacing activities include: ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 16:16
Finding hidden cost saving opportunities Part I author, Brian Plowman, explains why businesses need to fully understand their processes if they are to save money.

By Brian Plowman

Recognising the need to change your business processes ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 16:12
Is the dash for cash right for you?

In recent times most companies have had to be increasingly aware of their inputs and outputs yet this is not always carried out in the most effective way. author John Mardle discusses why this is.

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 16:00
The price of budgeting

Every company needs to budget, it is a necessary part of success, yet can the price of implementing a budgeting system sometimes outweigh the savings you make? Stuart Warner discusses.

By Stuart Warner

Steve Player, North American Program Director for the Beyond Budgeting ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 15:46
Accounting for changing price levels

Author David Allen looks at inflation in the UK and what it means for accountants.

By David Allen

It cannot have escaped accountants’ notice that U.K. inflation, for many months now, has not only been above the Bank’s target, but also above its own forecasts. Nobody is arguing that ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 15:41 forms links globally

Last week saw spreading its wings internationally. We sold courses to accountants in the UK, Europe, Australia and North America and welcomed affiliates on both sides of the Atlantic.


New Course: The Road to Continuous Improvement

The Road to Continuous Improvement is never straightforward. The concept itself was coined by W. Edwards Deming from a series of talks he delivered whilst in Japan in 1950. Since then the theory has been known at various times as Corporate Wide ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 15:30
New Course: Managing Professionals for Results

Hot on the heels of the recently updated series of management courses today launches Managing Professionals for Results.

As part of our peer-enriched learning suite, the key ideas, skills and theories are presented and users can exchange their own ideas for meeting the particular challenges of managing high performing professionals.

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 15:24
Updated course: Managing from Within the Team

Accountants and finance professionals are more often than not required to work within the team which they manage. The necessity to work alongside those you manage can be a cause of tension and conflict. Yet when handled correctly it can also lead to a successful and happy team. The key is finding the right balance. When this is achieved managing from within a team ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 15:21
Updated course: Coaching Skills

Accountants are often asked to take the first steps as a manager early in their careers. The skills developed at this time can be vital to a career in accounting and should be taken as seriously as competency at accounting. Whether you are part of a large or small team, communication and coaching is vital in ensuring success and results in the work place. By having ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 15:18
Updated course: Leadership Skills

In the current competitive and complex financial environment, the ability to lead, pull a team together and ensure that the organisation or end-client receives the most effective possible service has never been more important. It is a common mistake to believe that leadership skills are something which only senior people require when in fact, leadership is a key skill ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 14:52
Assessing going concern in turbulent times

Recent economic turbulence has raised the significance of the basic concept of ensuring that a business is a going concern.

To help finance professionals with this difficult area, have developed a new course, Assessing Going Concern, which provides a succinct refresher to the subject and a briefing on recent pronouncements from the FRC and ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 14:48
Is the public sector catching up?

By David Allen

The last few years have been characterised, in the private sector at least, by a shift away from the old ‘command and compliance’ style of management to the new ‘trust and commitment’ style, and my ‘Managerial megatrends’ course highlights the implications of that shift, and ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 14:40
Reactions to the ACCA ‘Where next for the global economy’ report

By Brian Plowman

I read the report by ACCA on 'where next for the global economy'. Interesting stuff. However, when you read about predictions for 2030 ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 14:28
New cpd course: Innovation

In times of crisis, innovation is particularly important. Organisations that ignore changes in their customers and clients, the economic environment or their competitors won’t perform well. You may not always make money from innovation, but doing things differently may prevent you losing money.

This new course, designed for accountants, is all about generating ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 14:23
How many taxpayer years are you worth?

By Anna Faherty

For non-accountants like me, getting your head around large numbers can be a challenge. Talk about a few pounds and I relate the cost to a pint or two of beer; mention a few hundred or thousand pounds and I think of furniture, holidays or cars; bring up millions, billions ...

Posted 29-Aug-2013 at 14:16
Who are we?

One plays in a rock band, another first coined the phrase Strategic Financial Management. One tweets for the Ragged School Museum in East London and another is a big fan of 24.

With the launch of it seems only sensible to introduce you to our authors. As well ...

Posted 08-Aug-2013 at 12:07 – now launched with free cpd!

To celebrate the launch of we’re offering new members a free hour’s CPD.

This free hour is taken from our Ethical Issues for Accountants course and is verifiable with your professional body. provides high quality online courses for accounting and finance professionals. Our courses:

Posted 08-Aug-2013 at 12:01
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