2020-21 Update: Irish Tax

by David FitzGerald

The events of 2020 brought a number of tax issues to the fore. Make sure you are up to date with key updates in all areas including close company rules, claiming loss relief and more.

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This course will enable you to

  • Keep up to date with important, recent changes affecting tax
  • Calculate trading losses and claim loss relief, where appropriate
  • Understand the key updates to the close company rules
  • Stay on top of the R&D tax credit scheme
  • Have the best chance of successfully appealing a Revenue assessment or decision

About the course

The events of 2020 brought a number of tax issues to the fore. More organisations than ever are likely to make trading losses, more close company directors are having to find ways to retain profits while adhering to strict rules, and more businesses are likely to engage in R&D in the future. And, following the introduction of a new tax appeals system in recent years, we are now at a point where we have enough data to understand the best approach to appealing Revenue decisions, at a time when companies are likely to need every win they can get.

This course examines the tax issues that are most prevalent in 2020-21, making sure you have the up-to-date knowledge you need to help your clients in these areas over the next year.

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  • Company losses
    • Trading losses
    • Value basis relief
    • Non-trading losses
    • Key update: accelerated loss relief
  • Close companies
    • What is a close company?
    • Participators and associates
    • Close companies legislation
    • Loans to participators
    • Loans to close companies
    • Surcharge on undistributed income
    • Key updates
  • R&D tax credit
    • What is the R&D tax credit?
    • Qualifying activities
    • Qualifying expenditure
    • Claiming the credit
    • Payable credit
    • Key employees
    • Summary of key updates
  • Tax Appeals Commission
    • A new regime
    • Appeals process
    • Updating you on the data
    • Foundations for success


David FitzGerald

David FitzGerald, MBS, CTA was Director International with CPA Ireland until 2019 and had over 15 years' experience with the Institute. He is a Chartered Tax Adviser, and currently lectures in Tax and Business Management. He is also a Tax examiner for a professional accountancy qualification.

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