Why accountingcpd?

At accountingcpd we help accountants grow by providing high quality CPD, that will genuinely make a difference to you in your career. Whether you want to keep up to date with the latest changes and trends, develop new skills, or prepare yourself for the next job, accountingcpd has what you need to succeed.

Over 1,000 hours of CPD…

Over 1,000 hours of CPD to choose from. Keep up to date and develop your professional skills with courses on a wide range of topics.

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CPD Certification

Approved by leading accounting bodies.

When you complete your CPD, your certificates are kept on your personal CPD dashboard and can be downloaded whenever you need them. All your certificates are audit proof and stored securely.

What accountants say

"I detest completing 'CPD' courses for the sake of building my hours but for once I feel like I have completed something stimulating and of real value."

accountingcpd learner

"The bite sized modules are very useful, particularly for someone who cannot spend a full day on a course. With the vast number of courses sorted by topic option, it gives you the flexibility to spend time on courses where there may be specific business impact."

Day Lewis Plc

"The whole method of presentation is great. I loved the interaction. I feel I put a lot more effort into learning."

accountingcpd learner

"As a global organization, we were looking for CPD which provided a global perspective for our employees. The team at accountingcpd were very responsive."

General Conference Auditing Service

"I would highly recommend accountingcpd. It's the answer to all your CPD requirements for the year."

Geraldine Webb

"accountingcpd provides an excellent source of information…I want learning to ultimately become a part of our daily routine where we encourage continuous development and accountingcpd provides that."

New Law Solicitors


Learn what you want, when and where you want to.

Choose from self-directed CPD courses, structured pathways, short bites of CPD or longer qualifications. Whatever your CPD requirement, accountingcpd has something to suit you.

All CPD is available online to complete wherever you are in the world and when it suits you.

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How it works

CPD Courses

CPD Courses

150+ online CPD courses on a wide range of accounting topics.

Discover the topics that will interest and challenge you. Whichever subject you choose, we’re confident you’ll find our learning flexible, effective, stimulating and enjoyable too.

New courses are automatically added to your licence as soon as they are published.

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Accountants Update Programme

Accountant's Update Programme

Updates Programmes are designed to help you face everything the year ahead has to offer. You will keep up to date with the latest developments in accounting, finance, and tax. Making sure that you remain relevant and competent when advising your business or clients.

Choose the Programme that’s right for you as we offer updates for UK, Ireland and International.

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CPD Bites

CPD Bites

CPD Bites is an exclusive service for accountingcpd licence holders.

It's bite-sized CPD. Stimulating learning in convenient, fully tracked, 15-minute sessions.

There are lots of bites to choose from and new bites are added every week.

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Learning Pathways

Learning pathways are designed to make CPD part of the beat of your life.

Each learning pathway is 20 CPD hours, we suggest studying 1-hour per week for 20 weeks, at a time that suits you. You will have the support of an online learning facilitator who will help keep you motivated. Through a combination of webinars, podcasts, online courses, peer discussion, articles and quizzes, you'll find a varied and engaging learning experience that fits around your working life.

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Become an expert in Digital Finance, IFRS, or Integrated Reporting.

We have partnered with leading professional bodies to bring you programmes in Digital Finance, IFRS, and Integrated Reporting. Each programme enables you to explore an area in detail, so you really can become an expert in that field.

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Mastering Microsoft Excel is essential for every professional accountant.

Accountingcpd.net offers a range of innovative Excel content that is designed specifically for accountants and finance professionals to help you make the most of this powerful tool.

Through videos, courses, bites and quizzes you can learn to become quicker, more accurate and more sophisticated in your finance and business analysis and reporting.

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Over 300 CPD resources to choose from, on a wide range of accounting topics.

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