2021-22 Update: CFO Issues

by Alan Nelson

As we emerge from the challenges of the last 18 months, it's time to build for the future. This course gives you, the finance leader, everything you need to make sense of the recent past and prepare for a successful future.

This course is not currently available

This course will enable you to

  • Reflect on the current issues senior finance professionals need to consider
  • Explore regulatory clarifications on cloud computing and reverse factoring, and understand the implications of the pandemic on financial reporting requirements
  • Review recent major news stories and understand the implications for the profession
  • Understand global trends and think through the implications for your organisation
  • Recognise how the finance function evolved through the pandemic and prepare yourself to become the finance leader of the future

About the course

As we emerge from the significant challenges of the last 18 months, we need to start to make sense of the situation and build for the future. As finance leaders that means reporting appropriately on business performance in the pandemic, understanding the global context in which we operate and its impact on our strategy, and developing a finance function that can rise to the challenge of the future.

This course provides a detailed overview of recent changes impacting the accounting and finance world as well as a consideration of what the future may look like. Suitable for finance leaders and for all accountants in business, this course will help you to make decisions based on recent changes as well as adapt and equip your finance function for success in the future. You’ll also explore the skills you’ll need to be a finance leader of the future.

Look inside



  • Accounting update
    • Welcome
    • Accounting for coronavirus
    • Accounting challenges of cloud computing
    • Cloud computing clarifications
    • Reverse factoring
    • COVID-19-related rent concessions
    • Dealing with rent concessions
    • Subsidiary disclosures
  • News updates for finance professionals
    • Welcome
    • Greensill and its implications
    • The Greensill saga
    • Auditing
    • Auditing during the pandemic
    • Tax reform
    • Government grants
    • Getting to know government grants
  • The global business environment
    • Welcome
    • Global trends
    • Thinking globally
    • Politics
    • Economy
    • Social issues
    • Technology
    • Technology and accountants
  • Implications for the finance professional
    • Welcome
    • The finance function during the pandemic
    • Emerging from the pandemic
    • The finance function of the future
    • The finance leader of the future
    • Eight key actions
    • Looking forwards


Alan Nelson

After studying economics, Alan began his career in accountancy before moving into senior management positions in the book trade. He founded Nelson Croom, the publisher of accountingcpd.net which he has run ever since. He is currently Chair of ICAEW’s Practice Assurance Committee and a member of IFA’s Regulatory Committee.

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