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Accountant's Update Programme 2024 (International)

This programme provides you with updates on IFRS, auditing, reporting, and budgeting. It will help you to develop the professional and technical skills you will need to survive in a rapidly changing business environment.

start date 6th Feb 2024
access 365 days' access
cpd hours 21 CPD hours
price £330+vat €380+vat HK$3300A$650NZ$760

Programme Features

  • 21 verifiable CPD hours across the year
  • Facilitator to help you keep on track
  • New content every month
  • Topical news impacting accountants
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Verifiable CPD Certificate on completion

About this Programme

Businesses need the expert and trusted advice of their finance professionals more than ever. With the global economy still slowly recovering from the pandemic, a cost-of-living crisis, the ongoing war in Ukraine and the conflict in the Middle East, we live in a time of economic uncertainty and volatility.

Understanding the business environment and keeping up to date with regulatory changes will enable you to support your organisationís short-term and long-term goals, communicate effectively with key stakeholders, and achieve better outcomes.

The Accountant's Update Programme 2024 will help you follow the latest changes in IFRS and auditing and keep your monthly reporting and budgeting on track. It will also help you develop your skills, knowledge, and career prospects by tackling topical issues such as AI in accounting and sustainability.

Complete all your 2024 CPD in 9 months, and keep yourself informed, up to date and confident in your role.

How it works


Learn through a combination of articles, videos, bite-size news and quizzes


Complete your CPD reflection after each module


Your CPD Certificate is stored securely until you need it

Look inside

Technical Updates

In-depth coverage of the latest developments in financial reporting and regulation.

Look inside - technical updates
Look inside - professional updates

Professional Updates

Hear what our team of experts have to say about the future of the profession and the skills youíll need.

Quick Updates

If it happens, you'll know about it. Don't miss a thing with our regular briefings and updates on key topical news.

Look inside - quick updates
Look inside - CPD support

CPD Support

Your facilitator will e-mail you each month to introduce the learning, and to cajole and encourage you. You can log on and complete the learning whenever it is convenient for you.


Iíve found it very useful and it keeps me disciplined over the year, rather than scrambling for last-minute CPD hours towards the end of the year. I also enjoy the mix of technical accounting and management skills topics in each monthly module.

Fiona Timmons

Topics chosen are excellent and depth is neither too shallow or too deep. Timing of topics is perfect especially after budgets or statements. Use of speakers and authors who are top experts in their field. Not all hard skills, soft skills also included which are most relevant and frequently get overlooked.

Antoinette Mulcahy

I have enjoyed this programme as it has given me a broad spectrum of CPD subjects which is broken up into manageable chunks. I quite often do this work on train journeys to my clients and I also draw on this information regularly when presenting or participating in meetings.

Helen Sach