Becoming an Expert Witness

by Juan Carlos Venegas

This course helps you understand what an expert witness is and what their duties and how to prepare to testify and defend your report and opinion as an expert witness, yourself.

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This course will enable you to

  • Understand what is expected from an expert witness
  • Prepare to give evidence in court
  • Know how you can qualify as an expert witness
  • Understand witness liability

About the course

An expert witness is someone with specialised training and/or experience, who is allowed to testify in court to help the judge or jury understand complicated or technical subjects. Expert witnesses should be capable of turning the tables on an opposing lawyer by showing expertise, their command of the facts, and their ability to communicate and defend their opinions.

This course defines what an expert witness is, what their duties are.

You can work through activities to improve your skills as an expert witness and prepare to testify and defend your report and opinion.

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  • Becoming an expert witness
    • What is the difference between an expert and a lay witness?
    • What do lawyers look for in an expert witness?
    • How do you qualify as an expert witness?
    • What is the role of the court-appointed expert witness?
  • Preparing to testify
    • How is "independence" established?
    • How might I have to evidence my expert opinion?
    • How do I prepare an expert report?
    • How should I prepare my working papers?
  • Testifying
    • How should I conduct myself in court?
    • How should I prepare for questioning?
    • What will happen during my testimony at trial?
    • What should I expect from cross-examination?
  • Liability
    • What is witness immunity?
    • For what can I be held liable?


Juan Carlos Venegas

Forensic consultant, fraud examiner, fraud specialist, accountant, founder and owner of Fiscal Accounts.


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