Communication for Professional Success

by Anna Faherty

Effective communication is vital for any finance professional. This course will help you to improve your listening, speaking and writing skills and learn how to overcome common barriers so you can successfully communicate in a range of professional contexts.

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cpd hours 4 CPD hours
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This course will enable you to

  • Understand the impact of effective communication on you, your organisation and your career
  • Identify common communication barriers and how to remove them
  • Improve your listening, speaking and written communication skills
  • Boost your in-person communication skills as well as mastering effective communication in video calls
  • Appreciate the influence that context and culture have on effective communication

About the course

In a world where texts, emails and tweets are often sent without a second thought – and we often work at a distance – the importance of a considered and effective approach to communication has never been greater. What’s more, recent research among employers has shown communication as the number one skill they are looking for in finance professionals.

This course demonstrates how to choose and use appropriate communication methods to achieve your goals. You'll discover how to plan and evaluate your communication activity, while improving your listening, speaking and writing skills. You'll also be able to overcome barriers and successfully communicate across different cultures and challenging professional situations.

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  • Communication in a professional context
    • The role of communication
    • Why communication matters in the workplace
    • The essence of effective communication
    • The role of thinking and feeling
    • Understanding your audience
    • Accessible and inclusive communication
  • Thinking about communication as a process
    • The communication process
    • The GAMMOC model of communication
    • Thinking about goals and outcomes
    • Thinking about audience and context
    • Thinking about messages and methods
    • Choosing your communication method
    • Balancing formality and timing
    • Evaluating your success
  • Why communication goes wrong
    • Dealing with problems
    • Diagnosing communication breakdowns
    • Common communication barriers
    • Communicating with non-specialists
  • Communicating in writing
    • Effective writing
    • What's special about writing?
    • When to choose written communication
    • Making the most of email
    • Writing in plain English
    • Thinking about visual design
    • The importance of editing
  • Communicating in person
    • Speaking up and listening properly
    • What's special about speaking?
    • Using your voice
    • Understanding and using body language
    • Establishing rapport
    • Communicating on video calls
    • Delivering a great presentation
  • Considering context and culture
    • Putting things in context
    • Communicating when working remotely
    • Communicating during a crisis
    • Communicating change
    • How culture impacts communication


Anna Faherty

Writer, lecturer and consultant working across the publishing, museum and charity sectors.


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