Excel Skills Booster for Accountants

by Paula Guilfoyle

This course is a practical examination of what Excel can offer accountants. Become confident in using a range of fundamental and advanced Excel functions and features including conditional calculations and IF statements, lookups, tables, PivotTables and the new dynamic arrays.

price £75+vat
cpd hours 4 CPD hours
access 120 days' access

This course will enable you to

  • Familiarise yourself with some fundamental Excel functions including IF statements, AND statements, and OR statements
  • Work with Excel PivotTables to quickly navigate, analyse data and find insights
  • Understand the VLOOKUP formula and how you can overcome its limitations with XLOOKUP
  • Use functions such as IF, INDEX, and MATCH to create dynamic and interactive charts

About the course

Excel is a valuable tool for any accountant, but with so many features, are you making the most of what it has to offer? It can be difficult to keep track of all the tools available in Excel, but some can really transform the spreadsheets that you produce.

This course will help you to ensure your Excel skills are up to date. Not only will you be able to use some fundamental functions of Excel such as IF statements, AND statements, and OR statements, but you'll also discover the new XLOOKUP function. Familiarise yourself with the benefits that using Excel PivotTables can provide when analysing data and create dynamic, interactive charts using functions such as IF, INDEX, and MATCH.

Look inside



  • The fundamentals
    • Logical tests, comparative operators, and IF statements
    • Comparative operators
    • The AND and OR statements
    • The basics of IF
    • Using IF with AND
    • Nested IF statements
    • SUMIF and SUMIFS
  • Understanding tables
    • Working with tables
    • An introduction to PivotTables
    • Inserting pivot tables
    • PivotTable design
    • Advanced PivotTable tricks
    • Paula's analysis
  • Don't forget to lookup!
    • Introducing VLOOKUP
    • VLOOKUP with approximate match
    • INDEX
    • MATCH
    • Looking up to the left
    • INDEX and MATCH
    • XLOOKUP with wildcards
    • XLOOKUP approximate match
  • Advanced charting techniques
    • How to fix the axis scale across multiple charts
    • Data validation
    • Dynamic ranges to visualise subsets of data
    • Tips for creating dashboards
    • Formatting charts based on criteria


Paula Guilfoyle

Paula practiced in Industry for over 15 years, working with both small and large private companies, before moving on to teach Excel and Power BI to accountants and professionals.

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