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In a recent webinar, Alan Nelson looked at the dynamic and changing global economy and the impact that is having on the accounting profession. He explored what skills accountants are going to need, in the future, to keep up with this fast rate of change. You can watch the webinar back, here:


Click here to find out more about the ACCA’s research Professional accountants: the future.

  1. Cath M
    Posted 02-May-2021 at
    There is so much change in the world - and for me it is using the core basics of the technical training, but being able to develop other areas, adapt and change, be aware of emerging trends/technologies and conditions - and managing all of that. Will be interesting to see the changes in the future!
  2. Oweiebi S
    Posted 12-Feb-2021 at
    This has really opened up my eyes to areas of huge concern and development.
  3. Shahid H
    Posted 21-Oct-2020 at
    Excellent webinar focusing on roles for future accountants
  4. David N
    Posted 27-Sep-2020 at
    Excellent webinar introducing these concepts
  5. Jing L
    Posted 07-Mar-2020 at
    AI and RPA will transform the whole accounting field and opp is to the accountant embrace them
  6. Nelson M
    Posted 26-Dec-2019 at
    I think the key to success is automation and cloud accounting this will eliminate manual work and bookkeeping. Many accountants who fail to innovate will become irrelevant. In order to remain relevant accountants must be technically and ethically competent in the following quotients: Intelligence quotient; Emotional Intelligence; Creative quotie ...
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  7. Ghee kang L
    Posted 14-Sep-2019 at
    -Behavioral competency= quotience -Technical knowledge = Accounting standards, tax law and ruling, and companies Acts -The 5 quotiences are equivalent important as IQ to go along with technical knowledge. There is so much changes in accounting standards and tax law to keep up with, How much time left for us to develop these quotiences? -Can we ...
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