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It can be difficult when a project isn't going to plan. However, the best way to react to unexpected hiccups in the road is to make sure any corrective action is both appropriate and successful.
If you have monitored and reviewed the situation in detail, this is a good start. There are some general corrective actions that you can take to minimise costs and avoid delays when things go wrong.

There are several options available to you, to start bringing your project back on track, along with several questions you should be asking to decide what options you take...


  • Addressing motivation issues to increase output
  • Increasing or reducing allocated resources
  • Rearranging the workload
  • Re-allocating funds from less critical activities
  • Revising the order in which tasks take place
  • Moving milestone dates
  • Modifying the project specification

Questions to ask

  • Does this affect any other activities?
  • Will individuals' workloads be affected?
  • Are any milestones subject to slippage?
  • Are there any new high risks?
  • Are there any new issues?
  • Are any schedule readjustments controllable or recoverable?
Thinking these things through will be a great starting place for re-evaluating and readjusting your project when necessary.

Have you ever had a project that didn't go strictly to plan? Let us know in the comment section what steps you took to get your project heading in the right direction and share what worked for you!

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