Recruitment and Selection

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This course will enable you to:

  • Understand and follow the recruitment and selection process
  • Profile a job by defining accountabilities, standards and competencies
  • Write and place an advert which attracts the right candidates
  • Understand issues of equality and discrimination and their implications
  • Prepare effectively for the interview
  • Use effective body language and questioning to get the best out of candidates at interview
  • Make an informed selection based on appropriate criteria quality

This course focuses on the recruitment process from the need to recruit arising right through to making the job offer. It is equally well suited to the recruitment of accounting and finance professionals and non-technical staff.

It provides practical advice on writing a good job profile, finding and short listing the right candidates, preparing properly for interview and making the right selection as well as conducting the interview itself.

Profiling the job

  • What is a job profile?
  • How do I profile a job?
  • How do I write the job profile?

Finding candidates

  • How can I find suitable candidates?
  • How should I write the advert?
  • How should I administer the application process?
  • How do I make a shortlist?

Preparing to interview

  • How should I set up the interview?
  • How should I plan my questions?
  • How should I lay out my interview plan?

Conducting the interview

  • How should I structure the interview?
  • How should I open the interview?
  • How should I question the candidate?
  • How do I make sure Iím listening properly?
  • How should I conclude the interview?
  • What about second interviews?

Selecting and appointing

  • How do I decide who the best candidate is?
  • What do I do once Iíve selected a candidate?
  • What happens once the candidate has accepted?
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