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Last week I posted about the Voice of the Customer. The Voice of the Process is the other side of the coin. The Voice of the Process defines the current configuration of the process and its current performance, including:

  • The clarity of the process goal
  • The involvement of stakeholders in guiding the management and performance of the process
  • Supplier performance
  • The nature and quality of the inputs to the process
  • The configuration and effectiveness of the processing steps
  • The nature and the quality of the outputs of the process
  • The effectiveness of delivery of the outputs of the process to its customers
  • The level of satisfaction of the customers of the process
  • The significance of the impact of other influences on the process

To understand the Voice of the Process we have to:

  • Map the process, following every twist and turn and exception or special case
  • Gather data on the performance of the process (including special cases)
  • Understand the causes of complexity in the process that conspire to damage quality, flow and lead time: these three measures are the key levers for improvement.

Where the Voice of the Process (the current state) does not match the Voice of the Customer (what the customer actually wants), then we have a need for improvement.

To know how strong that need for improvement is, you must understand both the Voice of the Process and the Voice of the Customer.

  1. Eva F
    Posted 19-Jul-2019 at
    Thank you for these tips.
  2. Philip c f Y
    Posted 22-Apr-2018 at
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