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  1. Schadenfreude: The accountants and the football team

    John Taylor

    A blog from accountingcpd

  2. The Carillion and the auditors: Another audit disaster?

    John Taylor

    A blog by accountingcpd

  3. True love or true lies?

    John Taylor

    Romantic love lies at the heart of human emotions. It also attracts some of the most heartless thieves who will work very hard to destroy that...

  4. Barclays and Guinness - Dj vu?

    John Taylor

    What have Barclays Bank and Guinness PLC got in common? Not a lot, it would seem. However, there is a connection...

  5. Brexit means bribes?

    John Taylor

    If the UK government negotiates a 'hard Brexit' and therefore is excluded from the single market, post-Brexit deals with morally bankrupt countries...

  6. How to profit from a Ponzi scheme

    John Taylor

    It seems a sad indictment of the human condition that even in this cynical 'seen it all before' age, greed still drives human beings to commit...

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