Become an expert in your chosen field

Accountingcpd.net has partnered with leading professional bodies to bring you programmes in IFRS, IPSAS™ and Integrated Reporting. Each programme enables you to explore an area in detail, so you really can become an expert in that field.

ifrs academy

IFRS Academy

Study online at your own pace for this internationally recognised qualification and demonstrate your knowledge and competence in IFRS financial reporting. Everything you need to know about International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

ipsas academy

IPSAS™ Academy

The CPA Foundation Certificate in Cash Basis IPSAS™ Financial Reporting

This foundation certificate looks at the Cash Basis Standard of the IPSAS™ regime, covering both Parts 1 and 2 of the Standard.

The CPA Diploma in IPSAS™ Financial Reporting

The CPA Diploma in IPSAS™ Financial Reporting will prepare you for the introduction of IPSAS and enable you to apply the standards accurately and appropriately.

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