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We all know CPD is easy to put off until the last minute. But good professional development comes from knowing what challenges you could face, and being prepared for them, so you can overcome them. Effective CPD can really help with this.

What barriers are keeping you from completing your CPD? Continue reading this blog to discover the top 3 barriers and how you can overcome them.

Barriers to effective CPD and how to overcome them:

  • Time barrier

    We've all known lack of time at one point or another, and the quickest solution seems to be to cram in as much CPD as possible. You can overcome this barrier by organising the time you have left. Taking an hour to plan out and make a list on how you are going to complete your CPD requirements will save you a great deal of stress and worry that comes with frantically trying to fit everything in during the last few days. Remember to work out what works for you. Whether you learn best in 15-minute bitesize chunks or longer, more structured forms of CPD, working out what time you can regularly dedicate to your CPD means youíre more likely to stick to it.

  • Attitudinal barrier

    Lack of self-motivation and a feeling that topics are irrelevant can be a huge barrier for many accountants. This happens because sometimes you're spreading yourself too thin! Burnout is real. When you have too many things on your to-do list, it doesn't encourage you to get them done.

    So, giving yourself clear directions is essential. Without it, motivation will keep declining over time. Finding a course that appears enjoyable and sparks your interest can be a good place to start. Then, look for a course that can address a weakness, and before you know it, your CPD is done. There are endless CPD opportunities out there and rather than looking at it as a big CPD mission, you can break it down into smaller chunks, which helps you to stay motivated toward the finishing line.

  • Physical barrier

    Physical barriers to completing CPD can include financial limitations, travel distance to CPD activities, and a lack of resources.

    Not everyone has the time to attend face-to-face training and not everyone finds the online content easy to consume. Itís important that we find what works for each of us as individuals and what can be reported as CPD.

CPD pushes you to make more of yourself as a professional accountant and as a person. You wouldn't want to receive care from a doctor who got their medical degree six years ago but hasn't completed any training or kept up with developments in medicine since. That's why ensuring you have the right, effective CPD is crucial when trying to stay up to date with this dynamic industry.

In a nutshell, it is still better late than never, most importantly, you've got this!

Does your team need encouragement to complete their CPD? Are you aware of the barriers they are currently facing? Our team licences can help with that. Get access to effective, flexible, online professional development all year round, which is accredited and accepted by leading professional bodies. We work with you to implement the engagement tools and communications that will help you motivate, organise, and develop your accounting and finance teams. Contact us today to ensure that you and your team make the most of your CPD this year.


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