Corporation Tax: Refresher and Update

by Andrew Law
access120 days access
cpd hours4 CPD hours

This course will enable you to:

  • Keep up to date with key developments in company tax calculations, tax relief and changes in accounting dates
  • Make the most of losses, for your business and clients, by understanding specific legislation regarding loss calculations and tax relief claims
  • Prevent abuses of directors' powers in SMEs
  • Understand different kinds of groups and how group tax relief works in practice

This course has been revised and is up to date for 2021/22

This course is a refresher and update for anyone working with tax for limited companies in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector and will add to your existing knowledge of the area. It explores some of the less familiar areas in corporation tax and the latest changes, updates and legislation involved.

The course covers key developments in company tax calculations, including expenses involved with tax adjustments. You'll also review specific legislation regarding loss calculations and tax relief claims and the legislation concerning director and shareholder matters. The course also covers how group tax relief works in practice.

Corporation tax computations

  • Adjusted profit computations
  • Legal and professional fees
  • The expense of entertaining
  • Vehicle leasing and property premiums
  • Accounting profit to taxable profit
  • Changes in accounting dates
  • Adjusting to change
  • Combatting losses
  • Pension contributions
  • Investment companies

Making the most of losses

  • Pre- and post-April 2017 losses
  • Losses examined
  • Claiming terminal loss relief
  • Change of ownership
  • R&D repayable tax credits

Director and shareholder matters

  • Directors' loans
  • Remuneration strategy
  • Share benefits
  • Anti-avoidance tactics
  • Learning from loopholes
  • Improving tax efficiency


  • Group relief
  • Securing group relief
  • Consortium relief
  • Moving assets within a group
  • Cleaning up on stamp duty land tax
  • De-grouping
  • Loan relationships between connected parties

Andrew Law is a senior manager in tax consultancy with Albert Goodman Chartered Accountants in Taunton. He has been in professional tax practice for over 30 years advising SME business on taxation matters and has advised on the sale and purchase of numerous businesses of all kinds and sizes. He has also bought and sold businesses of his own so that the advice he delivers is both technically accurate and at the same time workable in practice.

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