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  1. The Tesco accounting scandal

    Juan Carlos Venegas

    Three men have been charged by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) with one count of fraud by false accounting and one count of fraud by abuse of...

  2. UK GAAP transition issues

    Many first-time adopters of FRS 102 are nervous about the transition because, in many cases, this is the first-time a transition has been undertaken.

  3. Claiming R&D tax: What has changed in the last 5 years?

    Linda Eziquiel

    There has never been a better time for claiming R&D tax credits. What’s changed in the past five years?

  4. True love or true lies?

    John Taylor

    Romantic love lies at the heart of human emotions. It also attracts some of the most heartless thieves who will work very hard to destroy that...

  5. Communication failures at Ryanair

    Anna Faherty

    Last week the no-frills airline Ryanair hit the headlines when it announced it was cancelling 40 to 50 flights a day for a period of six weeks....

  6. Cash flow is king

    It's often said that cash is king but, in SMEs, it's cash flow that is king. The business might look good on paper with regards to turnover...

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