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  1. Not a good week for Bankers or was it Directors?

    John Burbidge-King

    Four ex-top-level executives of Barclays have been charged by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and a former European Bank for Reconstruction and...

  2. No over-reaction to inflation figures

    Alan Nelson

    It looks like inflation and it feels like inflation but is it inflation? The recent release of inflation figures by the ONS, showing a rise...

  3. Thoughts on the General Election 2017

    It was a result that no-one was expecting. On June 9th the UK woke to a hung parliament. Though the dust has not settled, we have gathered our...

  4. German banks face tax scandal

    Alan Nelson

    While the UK focuses on 2017's General Election, Germany faces a major scandal.An international group of bankers, lawyers and stockbrokers,...

  5. UK Election: Where do the parties stand?

    Inaccuracy of past polls the voting public are finding this election hard to predict. Judging by their manifestos, what can UK businesses expect...

  6. Professional scepticism: a key skill for every finance professional

    While professional scepticism is usually associated with audit work, it is increasingly being listed as a key skill for every finance professional....

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