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  1. Unravelling the Post Office Scandal: Trust and Communication in a crisis

    What lessons about trust and communication can accountants learn from the Post Office Scandal?

  2. Unravelling the Post Office Scandal: Ethical Considerations

    Here are 10 ethical principles, all referenced in the guidelines of at least one major accounting body, that are pertinent to the Post Office scandal.

  3. Unravelling the Post Office Scandal: The Crucial Role of Internal Audit

    Internal audit has been a pivotal player in the Post Office scandal. What was their role and what lessons can we learn?

  4. The role of Internal Audit

    It is important to understand the role of internal auditing and where it fits into your organisation.

  5. Verifiable vs Non-Verifiable CPD

    What makes a CPD activity verifiable or non-verifiable, and what does the distinction mean for the activities we must undertake and the records...

  6. IPSASB Issues IPSAS 49, Retirement Benefit Plans

    IPSASB 49 outlines accounting and reporting requirements for the financial statements of retirement benefit plans, with participants including...