Capital Allowances

by Sarah Laing

New in 2021.This course will help you to manage tax liability by claiming the appropriate capital allowances. Discover the types of reliefs available for cars and structures and buildings. You'll also gain an awareness of the associated issues and pitfalls involved.

price £75+vat
cpd hours 4 CPD hours
access 120 days' access

This course will enable you to

  • Understand the basics of capital allowances
  • Define what is and isn’t capital expenditure
  • Recognise who can claim capital allowances and how they are claimed
  • Identify different capital ‘pools’ and the rules for each
  • Advise on capital allowances for cars, structures and buildings
  • Avoid some common pitfalls

About the course

Capital allowances reduce a business’s taxable profits and enable it to retain more of its profits. With depreciation not allowable for tax purposes, a thorough understanding of capital allowances is critical in managing the tax liability for any business with capital expenditure.

This course explains how to identify capital expenditure and whether it is allowable, and explains capital allowances and the practical issues you could encounter. You'll discover different capital allowances 'pools' and rules for each, as well as the reliefs available for cars and structures and buildings.

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  • Introduction to capital allowances
    • Capital allowances
    • Claiming capital allowances
    • Finding the tax legislation
    • Explaining capital expenditure
    • Plant and machinery
    • Other types of capital allowances
  • Pooling and fast-track allowances
    • Claiming capital allowances
    • Explaining pooling
    • Understanding first year allowances
    • The AIA
    • General exclusions
  • Further allowances
    • Available reliefs for cars
    • Dealing with structures and buildings
    • The key features of SBAs
    • Qualifying activities
    • Claiming SBAs
    • Other types of expenditure
  • Practical issues
    • Claiming capital allowances
    • The date of expenditure
    • Time limits for capital allowances
    • AIAs and WDAs
    • Getting the timing right
    • Writing off small pools


Sarah Laing

Sarah Laing is a Chartered Tax Adviser. Writing professionally since 1998, she joined CCH Editions as a Senior Technical Editor. She became Publishing Manager for the tax and accounting portfolio in 2001 and later went on to help run CCH Seminars.

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