ACCA Certificate in Digital Innovation for Finance

Understand and welcome the opportunities to digitalise your business

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In this qualification

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Emerging tech

Increase your awareness of emerging technologies

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What it means

Define what digitalisation can mean for your role

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Understand how digital technology is disrupting the finance profession

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Digital mindset

Develop a digital mindset to take a considered view and make informed decisions

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Learning resources

Work through the series of articles, videos, activities, quizzes, discussions, and more, to develop your understanding and skills.


Find out what digital innovation looks like in the real-world from experts in the areas of big data, digital strategy, data analysis, process improvement, and digital disruption in accounting.

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Action plan

Note any changes you wish to make going forwards, in order to apply your new knowledge in your professional role.

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Once you've finished the qualification, you will receive a unique and secure certificate as evidence of your new understanding and capabilities.

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Advances in digital technology are reshaping the world of accountancy and finance. This syllabus looks at the digital innovations happening right now, those that are coming soon, and what may be on the horizon. It also looks at how your organisation can prepare for these changes, and successfully put them into practice.

Rate your confidence across the key areas of the syllabus, to see where to focus your attention. Read some background information about digital innovation and options for modern finance careers, and fill in the first section of your action plan.

  1. Overview

Data is absolutely core to the work we do as accountancy and finance professionals. Find out about big data and some of the different approaches to data analysis that are already available. Take a closer look at data science, and some of the main analytical tools that you can utilise in your role to make the most of the data you have.

  1. Big data
  2. Data analysis
  3. Data science
  4. Analytic tools

The rise of automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data visualisation is a double-edged sword for accountants. On the one hand, these technologies will make your job simpler, freeing up time for us to do the work you love. On the other, they will potentially make you easier to replace. So, you need to make sure you work alongside these technologies to find new ways to add value to your organisation.

  1. Machine learning
  2. Robotic process automation
  3. Artificial intelligence and intelligence augmentation
  4. Data preparation, transformation and infrastructure
  5. Data visualisation

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and self-serve analytics despite their risks - do offer potential opportunities to accountants and finance professionals. They also have the potential, one day, to be a major disruptor in almost every industry. It may be a little while until these digital innovations significantly impact your day-to-day role, but it's worth getting a head start.

  1. Blockchain technology
  2. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
  3. Deep learning
  4. Embedded and self-serve analytics

Technology is continuing to change the face of finance - and you need to keep up. Work through how to start devising a digital transformation strategy. Look at how to proactively lead and manage change yourself, rather than just reacting to it. Start to reflect on how to digitise key processes, products and services where possible, to add value to your organisation.

  1. Digital transformation: The role of finance
  2. Developing a digital transformation strategy
  3. Managing digital change
  4. Digitising internal processes
  5. Digitising products and services

Take a closer look at which of the elements of the digital revolution accountants and finance professionals will find most relevant. Reflect on what the topics covered in this certificate mean for you in the real world, and how you should bring everything you've learned together to approach new technologies in your own business or practice.

  1. Review
David Ellis

David Ellis

David is the Founder and Managing Director of Station10, the leading insight consultancy and big data specialists. He has 20 years' experience in analysing and delivering customer insight for organisations and helping them make more of their data.

His work has led to two New Media Age Effectiveness awards and an Excellence Award by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. He regards insights like Bill Tutte regarded the first Lorenz machine at Bletchley Park, or like a pig regards truffles.

Jeremy Swinfen Green

Jeremy Swinfen Green

Jeremy has worked in online marketing, communication and business strategy since 1993. In 1995, he was appointed the first Digital Media Director by Aegis, the holding company of the Carat media agency group. Subsequent to that, he worked as Strategic Operations Director for media owner emap digital, Managing Partner at digital consultancy iLevel Generator, Digital Director at direct response agency MC&C, and Managing Director at the user-experience consultancy Amberlight. He has run Social Media Risk Consulting and its sister agency Mosoco, which provides social media marketing services, since 2013.

Paula Guilfoyle

Paula Guilfoyle

Paula is a qualified CPA with over 15 years' experience across a range of industries and sectors, including accountancy, business management, process improvement, internal audit, and operations management and training.

Paula has been key speaker at many accounting events, where her talks on Excel have been received very positively. She has been an e-learning educator for over five years.

Ross Maynard

Ross Maynard

Ross is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He has worked as a consultant and trainer for over 20 years, specialising in process improvement and lean for finance teams. He has presented at lean conferences in the UK, Australia, Italy and Denmark, and has written many articles and blogs on process improvement.

Ross is author of 'Successful Business Growth in a week', published by Hodder and Stoughton in 1998.

Sam Ellis

Sam Ellis

Sam is a chartered accountant with experience working in private accounting firms and a number of high-growth businesses. He brings a depth of knowledge, having worked in varying industries from renewable energy, cycling and business intelligence.

For the last four years, Sam has worked in the data analytics and insights industry, initially with Starcount Insights, and is currently working as Head of Operations and Finance for InterWorks Europe, a Tableau Gold Partner consulting firm. He also sits on the ACCA Southern Network Panel and is a Governor of a local school.