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A new dyslexia-friendly tax return service has been launched recently for dyslexic self-employed individuals by an accountancy firm; Exchequer Accountancy. The aim of the service is to help decrease the amount of HMRC fines which happen as a result of errors in tax returns, and also reduce the stress that can be caused by completing a tax return.

Research has shown that over half of self-employed individuals who have dyslexia complete their own tax returns, and a similar number of individuals admitted to making errors when submitting their returns; the result is that 16% of these individuals received fines from the HMRC. The research suggest that the fines are due to dyslexia, in that self-employed individuals in this position can find the tax return a challenging process due to difficulty with the written forms and financial jargon. In some cases the fines can be up to £900.

Victoria Delafaille, manager director of Exchequer Accountancy explained: "We were inspired by one of our own employees personal experience with dyslexia, she challenged us to rethink the way we deliver tax return service."

It would be great if a service like this can pave the way forward for positive change, as self-employed individuals can find the process of completing a tax return an arduous process.

  1. Shahid H
    Posted 21-Oct-2020 at
    dyslexia-friendly tax return is very good approach so that fines can be avoided
  2. Mekal J
    Posted 13-Feb-2020 at
    Great Work, It will help many taxpayers.
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