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Accountant's Update Programme 2023 (International)

Everything you need to keep yourself informed and up to date and complete your 2023 CPD throughout the year.

start date 7th Feb 2023
access 365 days' access
cpd hours 22 CPD hours
price £330+vat €380+vat HK$3300A$650NZ$760

Programme Features

  • 22 verifiable CPD hours across the year
  • New content every month
  • Audit-proof CPD certificate
  • News briefings for accountants
  • Fits around your busy schedule
  • Facilitator to keep you on track

About this Programme

In a global economy still suffering the after-effects of COVID and coping with the impact of the war in Ukraine, businesses need the confident and assured advice of their finance professionals more than ever. Understanding the economic and business environment and staying up to date on regulatory changes, will ensure you retain your status as your colleagues’ trusted advisor.

The Accountant's Update Programme 2023 will keep you on the front foot on all the latest regulatory developments, it will keep you up to date with digital innovation and change, and it will help you to develop the practical and leadership skills you need to succeed in the future.

Complete all your 2023 CPD throughout the year, and keep yourself informed, up to date and confident in your role.

How it works


Learn through a combination of articles, videos, bite-size news and quizzes


Complete your CPD reflection after each module


Your CPD Certificate is stored securely until you need it

Look inside

Technical Updates

In-depth coverage of the latest developments in tax, financial reporting and regulation.

Look inside - technical updates
Look inside - professional updates

Professional Updates

Hear direct from our team of experts about the latest updates in tax, accounting and regulation.

Quick Updates

If it happens, you'll know about it. Don't miss a thing with our regular briefings and updates on key topical news.

Look inside - quick updates
Look inside - CPD support

CPD Support

Your facilitator will e-mail you each month to introduce the learning, and to cajole and encourage you. You can log on and complete the learning whenever it is convenient for you.


This is the best online programme I enjoyed as a financial controller.

Danushka Viduranga

The course is very well presented, user friendly and the way the time is allocated between the larger main topics and smaller 15-minute segments makes the 2 hours pass by very quickly.

Paul O'Mahony

I am enjoying the diversity of the topics - a mix of current developments which are impacting the profession today, along with future developments likely to impact in the coming years.

Antonio Maddelena