BPM Strategy in a Dynamic World

by Lincoln Miles
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We're emerging from the credit crisis, the markets look unstable, the economy is changing, technology is developing, customer needs are changing and organisations are facing higher levels of risk from corporate failure, than ever.

In our fast-changing, dynamic world, having the right, long term, performance management in place is increasingly challenging. This course looks at different causes of volatility and the impact that has on how you should develop your performance management strategy.

The economy

  • Strategic Decisions: Part 1
  • Strategic Decisions: Part 2
  • Budgeting: Part 1
  • Budgeting: Part 2
  • Organisational Structure: Part 1
  • Organisational Structure: Part 2

Technology and data

  • Information Systems: Part 1
  • Information Systems: Part 2
  • Reporting: Part 1
  • Reporting: Part 2
  • Big Data: Part 1
  • Big Data: Part 2


  • Motivation: Part 1
  • Motivation: Part 2
  • Rewards and Strategy: Part 1
  • Rewards and Strategy: Part 2


  • Target Costing: Part 1
  • Target Costing: Part 2
  • Kaizen: Part 1
  • Kaizen: Part 2

Lincoln Miles is a professional financial reporting trainer who has provided accountancy training for 15 years. Lincoln specialises in UK GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP and runs a training and consulting business that provides services in the UK, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Romania Czech Republic and the Channel Islands.

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