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We are living in times of constant change, and the coronavirus pandemic has meant more changes to the accounting industry and the way we work. Other factors, such as technology and globalisation are also affecting our profession. These changes affect what skills are required to make you a successful accountant in the future.

What does it take to be a successful accountant of the future? It requires a combination of professional competencies: a collection of technical knowledge, skills and abilities combined with interpersonal behaviours and qualities. In a recent survey, 78% of accounting professional said they would like a mix of technical and professional skills when selecting topics for their CPD.

That's why ensuring you have the right, effective CPD is crucial when trying to stay up to date with this dynamic industry. CPD helps you to develop the latest knowledge and skills, but also goes beyond this to help you to contribute towards a positive work environment and ensure your work standards are high. CPD should prepare you for the challenges of this changing profession. Discover how to get the most out of your CPD, with our short YouTube video.

What is effective CPD?

Now you know the importance of CPD, how can you ensure its as effective as it can be? Here are five things to consider.

1. Flexible

A busy work schedule often makes setting aside time to complete your CPD a difficult task. Take control of your professional development by accessing CPD that can be completed whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. 98% of those we surveyed said that they want to complete some of their CPD online.

2. Relevant

We found that nearly ĺ of accountants surveyed preferred to spread their CPD over the year. Not only does this help with the flexibility, but it also helps you to address certain issues as they arise throughout the year. CPD should be available to help you with specific issues at the moment you need it.

3. Varied

Technical skills are important, but effective CPD incorporates a range of other skills too. This can include professional skills as well as interpersonal skills such as leadership and emotional intelligence. Varied CPD can help you develop the skills needed to become an accountant of the future.

4. Social

Peer-enriched learning enables you to learn from your fellow accountants as well as from the experts. Compare ideas, opinions and share real experiences with fellow finance professionals. And you may pick up some handy tips along the way!

5. Reflective

Once you've completed your CPD, take a moment to have a think about what you have learnt and how you can apply it to your role. Not only this will improve your current performance, but it will also enable you to think about how you would like to improve further.

To be effective, CPD needs to be relevant, personal and engaging. It should encompass both technical and professional skills that you can draw on to fulfil your CPD requirements. CPD provides the opportunity to learn a new skill, interpersonal qualities or technical knowledge and should be seen as an investment in your future. In a dynamic profession such as accounting, itís important to stay up to date with the relevant skills and updates that help you to address any changes and challenges that lie ahead.

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