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Rate Your Emotional Intelligence

by Sean Purcell

We can use our intellect (IQ) to help us to resolve problems, to make the calculations or to process information. In a more automated world much of this is now done for us with the result in the demise and automation of much of transactional accounting-based activities. In contrast our emotional intelligence (EQ) allows us to be more creative and use our emotions to resolve our problems. Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive and express, assimilate emotion in thought, understanding the prism of emotions and adjust ourselves and others emotions.

You may be aware that many large firms psychometrically evaluate emotional intelligence when recruiting new staff. They do this as there is a proven link between emotional intelligence (EQ) and success in the workplace. Interestingly the link between IQ accounts for at best 20 % of success whilst EQ is said to account for 80% of workplace success.

Unfortunately, we can't do much to improve our IQ which is genetically inherent, but the good news is that we can improve our EQ throughout our life whereas IQ tends to plateau after adolescence.

Successful finance business partners have a well-developed level of EQ. To see how well your own levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are take a look at the following questions:

  1. Do you understand both your strengths and your weaknesses?
  2. Can you be depended on to take care of every detail?
  3. Are you comfortable with changes and open to novel ideas?
  4. Are you motivated by the satisfaction of meeting your own standards of excellence?
  5. Do you stay optimistic when things go wrong?
  6. Can you see things from another person's point of view and sense what matters most to him or her?
  7. Do you let clients need determine how you serve them?
  8. Do you enjoy helping colleagues to develop their skills?
  9. Can you read office politics accurately?
  10. Are you able to find win-win solutions in negotiations and conflicts?
  11. Are you the kind of person others want on their team?
  12. Are you usually persuasive?

If you answered yes to six or more of these questions and if people who know you well would agree with you, then you have a high degree of emotional intelligence[1].

To find out more how we can improve our emotional intelligence and be more effective in the workplace take a look at our course on the Finance Business Partner and look forward to becoming more successful at work!

[1]Source: working with emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman

  1. Charles P
    Posted 26-Apr-2020 at
    I believe there is always a benefit to improving your emotional intelligence. Even if we can answer to yes to many of the questions asked, it is always important to continue to improve your emotional intelligence skills as this will improve your communication ability and leadership skills.
  2. Helena F
    Posted 15-Mar-2020 at
    Question 1 to 6 is yes, but for the other questions, it depends on the situation as I am a professional accountant and no team member in my work.
  3. Tina S
    Posted 29-Feb-2020 at
    My EQ is not where I would like it to be - I'm looking to develop my skills & apply them consistently and appropriately. In a business context, I believe having a good EQ skill set will assist with staying relevant in a changing business environment.
  4. Sarah jane D
    Posted 06-Feb-2020 at
    Emotional intelligence for me is having a blend of good logic, sensitivity and diplomacy. It is striving balance to reach goals while meeting both personal and group satisfaction. Simply stated, being an outstanding team player!
  5. Moses A
    Posted 04-Jan-2020 at
    EQ is very vital in our job or role
  6. Wen harn jansen N
    Posted 05-Dec-2019 at
    EQ is important if we want to go up in our career
  7. Connie fang G
    Posted 02-Oct-2019 at
    I'm good at adjusting my emotions but not confident at adjusting others emotions. Need to learn more skills and practice on that.
  8. Eva F
    Posted 19-Jul-2019 at
    EQ is important for an accountant it is not all about numbers.
  9. Eva F
    Posted 09-Jun-2019 at
    EQ is very important in our job.
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