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  1. Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and GDPR


    A blog from accountingcpd

  2. True Love or True Lies?

    John Taylor

    Romantic love lies at the heart of human emotions. It also attracts some of the most heartless thieves who will work very hard to destroy that...

  3. Social Media: The Brilliant


    There will always be cautionary tales of social media gone wrong but there are also some great campaigns that showcase how powerful social media...

  4. Social Media: The Blunders


    In 2014 we wrote a blog on some of our favourite successful and unsuccessful social media campaigns. We had a really great response to the blog...

  5. How Social Media is Changing

    Anna Faherty

    It's five years since I first wrote the course Social Media for Accountants and, despite the fact that I have used social...

  6. The Rules of Engagement


    Social media is the perfect tool to run alongside your business, from brand promotion to customer care, the benefits of being online are endless....