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Here at we have two goals:

  1. We'd like to help people achieve their longer term career goals
  2. We'd like to persuade more people to plan their CPD early, spread it across the year and not leave it till the last moment

CPD shouldn't be a chore, an afterthought, so we created a service that could fit CPD seamlessly into your life, which works around you.

To help make CPD a part of your daily life we introduced CPD Bites to licence holders. These Bites are weekly, 15 minute sessions of CPD that can be fully logged in your CPD Bites Tracker. Each Tuesday a Bite is emailed to you. It doesn't matter if you're on your daily commute or have some spare time whilst at lunch because these Bites are fully mobile responsive and made to fit around you, to be completed at a time that suits you best.

Want to see what we're talking about? Here is one of our most popular Bites for you to try for free.

Choosing a Financial Model

If you're required to work with large amounts of interdependent information and communicate the results to others, financial models can play a critical role in helping with this process.

They can be used to assist the process of...

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CPD Bites are available to all licence holders. If you want to get ahead with your CPD, buy a licence today.

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